When Social Networks Become Unsociable

In this day and age that everything has become so fast and when almost everyone tries their best to get connected to the Internet. The World Wide Web has become a tool. Envisioned by their inventors to connect everyone easily no matter where they are in the world. It was once called, Information Superhighway.  Where dial-up connection seems to be the fastest and dealing with the weird buzzing sound to connect that gets interrupted when somebody calls your landline. Yes, that was the high speed internet back in the mid-90′s.


Genesis of World Wide Web

Years later, email was invented letting one connect to a friend through a message that costs almost nothing. Emails became text-ing, text-ing became chatting, chatting became video-chatting, and now social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. make us do everything we never thought we could do for free on the internet a decade ago. It has become a great tool to connect people. Isn’t that great?

But wait a minute, did it really make us interconnected? Did it make us really sociable? Before you answer this question, try looking around when you’re on a bus or train and tell me how many people who are not using their phone. How many of us are guilty? A lot.

Do you still know how to approach someone in person without your gadget?

We have become unsociable in real life ignoring real people and events happening in real time right before us just because we prefer to watch our friends’ last trip’s video. It has become a common occurrence almost everyday, hour, minute, and second but what’s even worse?

What’s worse is when the Social Networks become unsociable. When instead of networking and socializing online becomes bullying, when people all of a sudden seeing it all in a bad light instead of good.  Who’s bashing who, who’s better than who, and why do we do all these? What for?

Good or Bad, Don’t Justify a Bad Intention. Check Your Motivation.

In every invention and discovery, it was all meant for good yet we turn it to something bad. It should be our tool but instead we become its tool. Every reaction leads to another, but don’t we have our own thoughts to think first before we act?

Before I end this post, I want to sharea story when the internet was just beginning. I was back in grade-school when they first introduced it in our school, every student has 1 free hour to use it, it was really slow back then, and once I got in I remember how surprised I was how 2 people from different side of the world can talk and eventually become friends. I thought it was great. He describes what is it like at his part of the world and I describe my part of the world to him, together we’re just two fascinated people. It was amazing.

What about now? A tool that suppose to bring people together is now being used to divide us more, one’s pride higher than the other. I’m just in awe how we are misusing something that is good. It is not just technology, its in everything… Whatever we touch, it should have been for a good reason to use.  It was supposed to make the world a better place.

8 Things Facebook Haters Should Do

We now know that Facebook has over a billion subscribers around the world and chances are, you only have 3 people you know that does not have a Facebook account. It is a form of social media and the idea is to virtually socialize to people even from other side of the world. Facebook was supposed to be fun, just like previous popular social network such as Friendster, MySpace, and the like, these are all tools to get virtually connected to friends and loved ones (even make new friends) by simply sharing photos, moments, and others to their account.


Lately, I noticed how liberal people use social network and complaining about someone’s this and that or b*tching about who posted what. Like any other inventions in the world, it was meant to be use in a positive light but it’s changing now, so different things are done to make a social media a tool of destruction instead of positive awareness and ideas.

Understand that everyone is entitled to do whatever they wish on their account, and that signing in to Facebook means everything you have uploaded can be seen by all people on the network (maybe even beyond that). If you have the right to do whatever you want on your wall, be aware that everyone can do the same and if you still feel irritated with what you see on your Facebook feeds then I think you should read on…

8 Things Facebook Haters Should Do

#1) STOP READING COMMENTS - If wall posts, photos, and memes of your Facebook friends are annoying you, then try to stop reading their wall posts and comments.

#2) STOP NOTIFICATION - Every time you open your Facebook, you first notice the “Notifications” on your page, may it be from a friend’s post you commented, or a group that you recently joined, or a photo you were tagged. You can always stop notification for it if hundred of non-sense notifications appears on your page.

#3) ADJUST SECURITY SETTINGS - People might be tagging you on photos or posts you don’t want to be tagged with, maybe somebody is spamming your wall. It is time to secure your wall, photos, and tagging by adjusting the security where you can screen what goes live or not on your wall.

#4) I DON’T WANT TO SEE THIS - Now, if you just have a particular post or a photo your friend posted that you don’t like, you can just choose the option at the upper right hand corner of the post, click “V” and it will show you.

#5) UNFOLLOW - If you are still irritated with a particular person’s consistent posting, profile photo changing every second, tired of her awesome (or not so awesome) photos but you don’t want to be harsh by unfriending him/her, simple follow the directions in #4 and “Unfollow” option will show up as well.

#6) UNFRIEND - After you’ve done all of the above and you are still not happy seeing your friend on Facebook, you can always hit the “Unfriend” button. Lucky you, your friend wouldn’t know because Facebook doesn’t notify users when they were dumped.

#7) BLOCK - Yet, there are cases that they might figure out that you did unfriend them and will try to invite you again. Your reaction could be hitting the “Accept” button thinking that was too harsh, or you still consider him/her a friend OR… You’ve become furious seeing him/her again and trying to be friends with you again. Then you can, “Block” your friend in which he/she will not be able to search you on Facebook at all.

#8) DEACTIVATE YOUR FACEBOOK! - If you have reached #6 and #7, gahhd! You must have a real serious hate problem, but don’t worry there’s still a chance for you to save yourself from getting irritated, annoyed, furious, jealous, or whatever excuse you have to hate people on Facebook because of what they want to do with their account. Yes, DEACTIVATE YOUR FACEBOOK! That way, you won’t have to suffer and torture your self watching and reading those annoying posts of your friends.

These are just suggestions whether you agree with me or not, it’s still upto you.  Now, let me know what you think or if you have other suggestions, would you?

Classy Bridesmaid Dresses for Shorties

It has been always a challenge for me to get a pretty nice dress being a shorty when I attend weddings, let alone being one of the bridesmaids.  I thought browsing online should give me an idea on how to get a dress according to my height.

It’s tough being short but I don’t want to be short in the fashion and classy strutting category.  Here are my choices…


Classic White V-Neck

This is my favorite among the three,  the V-Neck twist makes a dramatic look that matched well to its classy white color that can easily be accentuated with simple accessories such as gold or brown leather belt or an exotic necklace.  A simple piece that you can work around with your creativity and passion of accessories like I have.  This dress costs $89.99.

Princess Dress

A very old shool kind of dress yet, its simplicity exudes beauty and style.  On this dress, accessories will truly stand out if you find the right accent that will compliment the color of the dress as well which I  love.  Gold accessories will stand out with this dress that costs $361.92.

Lacy Daisy

I am not a lacy dress kind of girl, yet this dress caught my attention and made me want to wear this dress.  The elegance and chic-ness of this dress grabbed me that I can appear with a character on this dress, imagining a walk on the Hollywood red carpet.

All these beautiful dress are amazing, and will let you find your dress that fits your personality.  Check out you Classy Bridesmaid Dresses now.


Unbelievable Human Barbie


I love Barbie and still fascinated with her up until now, I would watch Barbie movies with my niece whenever we find a new edition of her movie. When I read online about the Human Barbie, it shocked me! I thought it was impossible but I gave it a benefit of the doubt.

Unreal Human Barbie

There are real gorgeous women that may be compared and will have a similar beauty to Barbie ( I meant naturally). So, when I read about this human Barbie, I was surprised how almost identical she is to the doll!

I researched more about it and I found out that she has undergone several surgeries to attain the Barbie look. I understand that people undergo surgery to look great or enhance something and I won’t judge them if that makes them feel confident. However, the ways and attitude of the human Barbie isn’t really ‘Barbie-Like”. I won’t say much about it but you can research more online to find out. Here’s a video clip for how the human Ken and Barbie are in person to get an idea.

7 Classy High Waist One Piece Swimsuits


It’s Summer Time!!!

Summer is almost over in Southeast Asia but is just about to start in Europe, US, and in later months in Australia which is why there’s no stopping me to feature “The 7 Classy High Waist One Piece Swimsuits”.

I know everyone loves two-piece swimsuits but for me the two piece high waisted swimwear just looks like something I usually see from my mother’s underwear drawer. No offense mom, you know what I’m talking about.

7 Classy High Waist One Piece Swimsuits

Yet, high-waisted ones are especially for those who wants to hide some ‘belt bags’ there (although fit and well chiseled bodies can wear it too), you know what I mean if you have researched articles about “What swimsuit is best for your body type?”.

Now that the high waist swimwear is the trend, I prefer my one piece high waist swimsuit and 7 of my best choice were the ones in the photo. What do you think? Are they classy enough for a high waist one-piece swimsuit for you?