Free Graphic Design for Small Metro Phoenix Businesses

There are a lot of aspiring and small businesses that needs graphic design help and the cost may have made them not to spend time and money for their branding which is a big part of their business marketing and presentation. I love designing and I do not want it to waste, so why not put it in use and help out small businesses in the metro that I live in.`A small way to contribute.  How it works?

Free Graphic Design for Small Metro Phoenix Businesses

6 Top Reasons to Explore Cebu, Philippines


If you are a foreigner looking for a quick summer getaway, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who haven’t been home for such a long time or just an ordinary person looking for a nice place to unwind and you decided to visit the Philippines, there’s probably a lot of things that goes through your mind. Airplane tickets, hotel bookings, reservations and most importantly where exactly in the Philippines to visit. Of over 7,000 islands in our country choosing one specific destination could be a challenge and fun at the same time, but no worries, this article I’m giving you Top 6 Reasons to Explore Cebu, Philippines.  Known also as “The Queen City of the South”, my hometown.

Scottsdale’s Best Breakfast Places

Scottsdale Best Breakfast Places

I would love 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning and I’d eat brunch, like BIG brunch. I have my own reasons, but also it changed when I moved here. Every morning, my husband will cook me hearty breakfast that is hard to resist or we’ll be at our favorite Silver Star diner in New Canaan. I’d say they’re amazing not only that they serve big portions, they taste like mom is making your breakfast, otherwise Guy Fierri won’t feature them on his Triple D show!

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art Visit

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

One Saturday evening, afraid of getting bored in a nice weathered little tourist town called, Old Town Scottsdale, we thought we should get our act together and do something (whether we should be partying, pigging out, or just doing something productive) because nothing to do in this place isn’t a good excuse.

I’m Serious Learning How to Vlog


I’m serious learning how to vlog, and when I think I found a new hobby to venture into. Cheesy as I’m starting but I will research the heck out of the internet to learn how to do this. So far, I’ve done few dodgy ones but I think I’m starting to get better with this one. One step after another, I now have tons of ideas rushing in.

My First Attempt to Vlog


I’m trying out my luck on vlogging and by doing so, I realize that it isn’t just talking in front of the camera, it’s a one man video production! I am a rookie, trying to get in to real business of video blogging on my own with more research and hoping I will be able to pull it off.  For some time in my blogging life (since 2008), I have received several suggestions to make videos of my travels and I was even invited to be one of ABS-CBN’s Online Superstars (One of Philippines’ Major TV Network) but couldn’t materialize because I’m out of the Philippines.

Phoenix Zoo Through My Lenses

phoenix zoo

Last Summer we went to visit the Phoenix Zoo the first time and despite how I hated the idea of captured animals kept in cage for entertainment, there’s also a part of me questioning about the educational benefits for kids and for kids at heart. I missed my nieces when I was there, I wish they were here and see it with them and have a little bonding time with them again. We can never have both good wishes we want in life. Enough of that, to cut the story short, my lenses captured beautiful things in the zoo too. Let me share the story captured by my cameras and let the photos tell you all the magical things.

How to Get Around Scottsdale?


Arizona, USA – Phoenix is the largest city of Arizona and the most populated city in the USA according to Wikipedia. Scottsdale is continuously growing as a city.  City that is known for its night life, home for technology companies, amazing weather that locals get so excited about, food, shopping, and nature.