My First Attempt to Vlog


I’m trying out my luck on vlogging and by doing so, I realize that it isn’t just talking in front of the camera, it’s a one man video production! I am a rookie, trying to get in to real business of video blogging on my own with more research and hoping I will be able to pull it off.  For some time in my blogging life (since 2008), I have received several suggestions to make videos of my travels and I was even invited to be one of ABS-CBN’s Online Superstars (One of Philippines’ Major TV Network) but couldn’t materialize because I’m out of the Philippines.

Phoenix Zoo Through My Lenses

phoenix zoo

Last Summer we went to visit the Phoenix Zoo the first time and despite how I hated the idea of captured animals kept in cage for entertainment, there’s also a part of me questioning about the educational benefits for kids and for kids at heart. I missed my nieces when I was there, I wish they were here and see it with them and have a little bonding time with them again. We can never have both good wishes we want in life. Enough of that, to cut the story short, my lenses captured beautiful things in the zoo too. Let me share the story captured by my cameras and let the photos tell you all the magical things.

How to Get Around Scottsdale?


Arizona, USA – Phoenix is the largest city of Arizona and the most populated city in the USA according to Wikipedia. Scottsdale is continuously growing as a city.  City that is known for its night life, home for technology companies, amazing weather that locals get so excited about, food, shopping, and nature.

It’s The Season To Be Crafty!

It’s the season to be crafty, fahlalalalah lalalalah! Oh yes, holiday season is around the corner! After a busy Thanksgiving celebration with your family, the shopping rush due to all the amazing sale promotions during Black Friday to prepare for the next celebration…

The Epic Run is Here! Yes, The Wipe Out Run!

Wipe Out Run

I’m not a fitness buff nor interested with any other ‘fun runs’ out there just because for a Gemini like me, it has to be really fun or adventurous to get me in. Then my husband heard about the Wipe Out Run and immediately find the video really appealing, we were like “Hell Yeah! We’re in!”.  A 5k run with all this obstacles would be really epic, don’t you think? Or maybe not because for sure there’s a lot of whining afterwards, but who cares?! That’s what you do for fun sometimes.

Party Like A VIP, It’s Scottsdale Party!


It was a couple of days before the epic #ScottsdaleParty when my my husband keeps telling me about a VIP party which he signed up for with Scottsdale Restaurants.  I thought it was a normal dinner out. I did put on a little effort that I regretted afterwards, simply because I didn’t know what the event will be like. I look like I just got out of the bed to grab a bite and it turned out that it was THE Scottsdale Party! Meeting the guys behind it who are best known as The Three Generic Dudes: Troy, Chris, and Miguel looks like we will be seeing more of these guys in Scottsdale.  You want to join the party too? Then you should sign up and be a  VIP at!

Painting The Town with Red Sunset


Painting the town red connotes negative thing, but painting the town with red ‘Cactus Sunset’ is very positive. You might be wondering “What is she talking about?” Few days ago, while walking along the Old Town Scottsdale‘s Artwalk where obviously all the galleries and art exhibits are, we saw something great happening in one of the art gallery called, Art of Merlot. Pretty cool Arizona, isn’t it?

What I Learned About The Bangkok Post Interview

Bangkok Post Article

Yesterday, the interview about Filipino Teachers in Thailand was printed on the Education Section of one of the most prominent newspaper in Thailand, the ‘Bangkok Post‘. I learned a lot about that interview.  I have appeared on TV, been interviewed by other newspaper reporters in the Philippines, been featured in different blogs and websites in fashion and travel niche.  However, I should say that this is where I learned something worth writing in my blog to publish my opinion how it went from the beginning to end to after effect of the interview. I’m even surprised of my reaction, I think I can finally say I’m growing up, maybe not physically growing taller that I’m wishing for but I’m progressing.