Painting The Town with Red Sunset


Painting the town red connotes negative thing, but painting the town with red ‘Cactus Sunset’ is very positive. You might be wondering “What is she talking about?” Few days ago, while walking along the Old Town Scottsdale‘s Artwalk where obviously all the galleries and art exhibits are, we saw something great happening in one of the art gallery called, Art of Merlot. Pretty cool Arizona, isn’t it?

What I Learned About The Bangkok Post Interview

Bangkok Post Article

Yesterday, the interview about Filipino Teachers in Thailand was printed on the Education Section of one of the most prominent newspaper in Thailand, the ‘Bangkok Post‘. I learned a lot about that interview.  I have appeared on TV, been interviewed by other newspaper reporters in the Philippines, been featured in different blogs and websites in fashion and travel niche.  However, I should say that this is where I learned something worth writing in my blog to publish my opinion how it went from the beginning to end to after effect of the interview. I’m even surprised of my reaction, I think I can finally say I’m growing up, maybe not physically growing taller that I’m wishing for but I’m progressing.

This is How We Party in The Wild Wild West – Desert Living

Wild Wild West

Cowboys, boots, hats, lassos, and the bull ride? You think that is how the wild wild west kind of living huh? You’re right! But don’t think everyone is serious because we sure know how to party here in Arizona. This is how we party in the wild wild west! Desert living isn’t just cacti and rattle snakes, we also boast a beautiful landscape, winter weather, sunsets, and cuisine.

Scottsdale, Why Do I Love Thee?


Not sure what’s not to love about Scottsdale, Arizona, we moved here a month later after exchanging vows in the Sunshine State and the sunshine didn’t leave us here too. Although, it is a totally different landscape from the east coast, I’m totally digging it. Scottsdale, why do I love thee? I have not totally explored it due to the extreme heat at this time of the year where you have to protect yourself from sunburn all the time, but this Old Town Scottsdale is not just temperature hot and you have to figure the place out yourself. Here are the hints, here’s a little why-s do I love Scottsdale.

5 New York City Guides


May not be your average New York City Guides but is very amusing to watch, take it seriously to survive (or not), whatever works for you. Fortunately (or unfortunately), these are mostly from BuzzFeed so enjoy watching it and hopefully prepare you for what’s ahead of you visiting the Big Apple, even if you’re budget for NYC trip is set to explore.

Daily Style: Meet Up, Get Up!


What happened today just got me inspired to style for a regular event happens in almost every girl’s life. Meet up with friends sometimes becomes regular that we don’t want to put much effort during lazy days, but still want to look nice and fashionable. Here are some few pieces that almost every girl has in their closet for an easy style fix.