Classy Bridesmaid Dresses for Shorties

It has been always a challenge for me to get a pretty nice dress being a shorty when I attend weddings, let alone being one of the bridesmaids.  I thought browsing online should give me an idea on how to get a dress according to my height.

It’s tough being short but I don’t want to be short in the fashion and classy strutting category.  Here are my choices…


Classic White V-Neck

This is my favorite among the three,  the V-Neck twist makes a dramatic look that matched well to its classy white color that can easily be accentuated with simple accessories such as gold or brown leather belt or an exotic necklace.  A simple piece that you can work around with your creativity and passion of accessories like I have.  This dress costs $89.99.

Princess Dress

A very old shool kind of dress yet, its simplicity exudes beauty and style.  On this dress, accessories will truly stand out if you find the right accent that will compliment the color of the dress as well which I  love.  Gold accessories will stand out with this dress that costs $361.92.

Lacy Daisy

I am not a lacy dress kind of girl, yet this dress caught my attention and made me want to wear this dress.  The elegance and chic-ness of this dress grabbed me that I can appear with a character on this dress, imagining a walk on the Hollywood red carpet.

All these beautiful dress are amazing, and will let you find your dress that fits your personality.  Check out you Classy Bridesmaid Dresses now.


Unbelievable Human Barbie


I love Barbie and still fascinated with her up until now, I would watch Barbie movies with my niece whenever we find a new edition of her movie. When I read online about the Human Barbie, it shocked me! I thought it was impossible but I gave it a benefit of the doubt.

Unreal Human Barbie

There are real gorgeous women that may be compared and will have a similar beauty to Barbie ( I meant naturally). So, when I read about this human Barbie, I was surprised how almost identical she is to the doll!

I researched more about it and I found out that she has undergone several surgeries to attain the Barbie look. I understand that people undergo surgery to look great or enhance something and I won’t judge them if that makes them feel confident. However, the ways and attitude of the human Barbie isn’t really ‘Barbie-Like”. I won’t say much about it but you can research more online to find out. Here’s a video clip for how the human Ken and Barbie are in person to get an idea.

7 Classy High Waist One Piece Swimsuits


It’s Summer Time!!!

Summer is almost over in Southeast Asia but is just about to start in Europe, US, and in later months in Australia which is why there’s no stopping me to feature “The 7 Classy High Waist One Piece Swimsuits”.

I know everyone loves two-piece swimsuits but for me the two piece high waisted swimwear just looks like something I usually see from my mother’s underwear drawer. No offense mom, you know what I’m talking about.

7 Classy High Waist One Piece Swimsuits

Yet, high-waisted ones are especially for those who wants to hide some ‘belt bags’ there (although fit and well chiseled bodies can wear it too), you know what I mean if you have researched articles about “What swimsuit is best for your body type?”.

Now that the high waist swimwear is the trend, I prefer my one piece high waist swimsuit and 7 of my best choice were the ones in the photo. What do you think? Are they classy enough for a high waist one-piece swimsuit for you?

Philippine Fashion Week 2014 – Lyle Ibanez


As the Philippine Fashion Week starts on the 28th of May until the 1st of June, it will be held at the SMX Convention Center of MOA.  The 75 Local Fashion Designers and brands are competing for fashionistas attention,  all are showing off their best to get it into the fashion trend light for this year.

Philippine Fashion Week 2014 – Lyle Ibanez


(Photo Credit:

Of course, I have my bet on the designer, Lyle Ibanez.  His collections is not just on the local market trend but also in International limelight.  The designs exudes simplicity and elegance, the use of plain colors such us nude, pink, and the fashion color must have ‘Black’ is a great choice of style.  Let, alone the fabric he used that made the dramatic flow of the dresses while you walk makes all the difference.  Then again, he did not stop there, the pieces in the collection was complimented by the use of simple and classy trend of plain metal belt.  So, simple and yet nostalgic.

Oh, should I talk about the cut and drapes of the fabric.  I also like the classy creative cuts along the shoulders.  The simple design made an elegant bare shoulder look.  What do you think?  Better reserve a seat at SMX for the Philippine Fashion Week 2014, this year may be a combo of creative designs.  Check out the official site and see the designers gallery for yourself.

6 Cool Summer Hairstyles

Since it’s still summer and some of you may be still on your vacation, en route, or planning your next beach destination, I know that for the ladies who still want to have a cool summer look, 6 Cool Summer Hairstyle videos I found on Youtube will really help us all to get that goal this season.

6 Cool Summer Hairstyles

I’m a fan of up-do’s and braids so all these will be fun for those of you who shares my interest (although, I might have to check out hairstyles for fringe haircut). I want a quick and easy steps or I won’t do it anymore, yeah, I don’t want to waste my time in front of the mirror, rather spend time soaking in the water or doing some water sports. Anyway, enough of this and let us just all watch the videos of these 6 Cool Summer Hairstyles!