5 Hottest Swimwear Picks

It’s summer time and I know you are all dying to get to your summer destination, THE BEACH!!! The heat and the beach is calling you to head to your path to get the most gorgeous tan lines this year, by that, it means you have to think about the best swimwear and your outfit heading to the beach. Now, here are my best pick of the best swimwear ever.

5 Hottest Swimwear Picks


Hot Black Sexy Strappy Bikini SwimwearBlack

This is my top pick, a simple yet elegant style in a strappy design swimsuit. Priced at $11.30.



Beautiful Two-piece Unique Stripe Shape Hollowed Bikini White

White colored swimwear is always classy, although it might be hard to keep and maintain because of the colour and against using sunscreens, it is still gorgeous to those who are not afraid to undergo hardwork to look great this summer.  Priced at $10.81.



Metal Chain Circle Linked Two-piece Bikini Set Deep Blue

Best pick for those who wants to look fashionable under the sun.  The bling bling sparkles that adds the dramatic style in your swimwear.  Priced at $9.36.



Light Blue Cool Summer Paisley Print Bikini Set

Exotic-Hippie style swimwear for a free-spirited and fun personalities out there.  Character and style mixed together, this swimwear is priced at $10.81.



Fashion Style Three Pieces Bikini Set Blue

A fun and playfully designed swimwear that suits young souls ready to hit the heat by the beach. This young swimwear is priced at $14.86.

All these stylish swimwear are available HERE with discount rates for those who are already a member and earned points.  Take advantage of the upto $25 discount using the DISCOUNT COUPON: amrfzkifaik for the Month of May (May 1 to June 1).

A Fabulous New Year to Everyone!

Happy New Year 2014


It has been quiet in this blog but then again if you were checking out the travel category, you’ll find out that its not totally quiet.  Anyway, just to drop by to greet you a Happy New Year this 2014 and the coming years!

The Rise of Pink Power – Gulabi Gang

gulabi_gang_indian(Source: http://www.gulabigang.in)

Every now and then, we get to read or watch some news about abusing women, discriminated in the society, and in some countries, powerless.  Not even worthy of respect, of voice to be heard, when in this day and time where women are treated equal to men in other parts of the world, they were treated with vague injustice.

Have you heard about the woman being stoned to death in Somalia because she was raped? Or child brides in Yemen? Daughters for sale?  All these are horribly heartbreaking. I do not know why in the world they treat woman in their country like that, no one has a right to do such things whether to men or women.

For years, India is the same by shaming their women and treating them like dirt.  Rape was imminent, that because it happens everywhere,they lived it like the norms of the society.  Every women was afraid to speak up, afraid that they would not be heard, or nobody would even listen.  When the rape of a medical student came out, the surge of the sexual abuse complaints started coming out from everywhere.  Even tourists being harassed, scary. Suddenly, claims of horrific situations grabbing the attention of the world.

In Northern India, a group of female group dressed in pink saris  called Gulabi Gang are determined to save women from their abusive husbands and society’s injustice.  Here’s their amazing story:

Facebook Page Creation Isn’t Too Late


This latest fashion trends blog was created 2008, during that time MySpace was in the most popular spot of Social Media.  Then, there came Facebook, which by that time doesn’t have Page Create feature and so I was redirecting people to my personal FB profile.  Honestly, it was not a good idea as spammers targeted my FB profile, I have to restrict my security settings putting it on approval before anyone can post on my wall, tag a photo, or almost anything they want to do with my page.

A year later, I started my travel blog, although I have not put on much efforts on it until after a year, I focused on Social Media for the travel blog and got it all set.  By then, Facebook began the Facebook Page and so the travel blog’s page was my focus.  I’ve forgotten about my blog’s bread and butter, so now I think I have to regain the Latest Fashion Trends blog glory and I’d start with the Facebook Page of the blog, so I hope you guys would LIKE us on Facebook. It’s just there to your right.  Thank you!

Desperate Victims of Haiyan in The Philippines Calls for Help!


Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda Killed Thousands

It has not been worry free days for me since I heard that there will be a Super Typhoon to hit my country, The Philippines.  It was reported as the strongest typhoon ever recorded in the history having over 198 km/h.  Communicating to my loved ones on the situation I am relieved knowing they are safe.

Everyday since the reported typhoon to hit the country, I keep my eye on the latest Philippine news channel updates.  Not just the strongest but also the biggest typhoon to have covered almost the entire country, the video feeds of local news channels scared me for people who lives in the most affected areas.  Tacloban City was the mostly reported place during the typhoon, it was in Central Philippines and since most reporters were positioned in that province, the feeds were mostly from that city and the nearby areas such as Palo, Leyte.

(11 people were pulled out from the storm surge)

Filipino Typhoon Victims Need OUR HELP

Here’s a YouTube video of the event while it was happening, although it is in Tagalog language, he was reporting that even people in the evacuation area died when the water from the coasts rose up until 10m high, they called it ‘Storm Surge’ that drowned people in the evacuation center.  This is just one area of the country.  Imagine how many people died and damages all over the nation.

Now, the typhoon is gone along with all the debris, electric post lines, trees, vehicles, and corpses scattered everywhere, rescuers and relief distributors are having hard time to get the goods to the victims because of the road accessibility.  Let’s not forget that electricity, internet, phone lines are out as it was all damaged by this tragic calamity.

As of now, they are expecting to have almost 10,000 casualties all over the country.  I could not fathom how they are taking all this in, ruined city, no house, no food, missing family members, dead family members, and injuries all at once.  I would like to at least help by donating and sharing ways to help to other people’s kind hearts to help Philippines who are just recovering from an earthquake last month.


Please refer to the above photo for your donations and contacts for volunteers.  Also, Red Cross accepts donations through PAYPAL (in Philippine Peso currency default) at: http://www.redcross.org.ph/donate.

May everyone of us find a soft spot for our Filipino brothers and sisters who needs our help desperately, donations, a hand, and prayers will help them a lot. Let’s try our least to reach out.