(Bon-Bon and Angel prepping for my ride)

When Vergel dropped me off the Zip City, I was greeted by the nice lady named, Sarah.  She was the cashier, she told me the staff were still on break and will be back by 1pm, but she informed me that zip-lining fee is Php300 (less than $8USD) including a Php100 consumable food/drinks at Dencio’s.  I paid the fee and went to the restaurant to consume the Php100 free food/drinks.  I had Coke Zero in can(Php45) and Grilled Chicken (Php65) for Php110 (I just paid additional Php10), I saw Vergel again dining with his colleagues at Dencio’s, he asked me if I’m heading to zip and said, yes. Again he offered a ride to Crocodile Farm if I’m done zip-lining around 1PM.  Not sure, if there are people ready for the zip line but I went back there to check(you need to walk a bit further to get to the restaurant and back to ZipCity).

(Sarah and I)

Back there at the ZipCity, I was greeted with bunch of cool dudes smiling.  I saw Sarah again and I asked if they are open already.  They all replied, “For you Ma’am, we will open it!”. The guys who helped me out make my first zip-lining experience possible were Angel, Bon-bon, and Julius.  I can tell tell they were enjoying what they do, they are all smiling and jokes around with me like I was a local.  I love them.

(All set!)

The ride took me just seconds, it was cool, it’s just that I did not enjoy it much because I did the rappelling-free falling adventure first before this.  I suggest that you do zip line first before free falling to experience the ride to its fullest. I find it a little boring already but I enjoyed the company of those nice and friendly people of ZipCity.

(Bon-Bon and Julius)

When one guy helped me call a motor rider to bring me to Crocodile Park, Vergel with his service came and stopped in front of us. So, I hitch on Vergel’s service once again apologizing to the person who helped me call the ride (the 2 of us were supposed to ride the bike), he said “It’s okay, no problem!” Then again, Vergel drop me off the Crocodile Park.  I’m so thankful for meeting these people, they were my angels in Davao.  Which is why I wanna go back there soon!


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