UPDATE: REVTWT has become an A*sh*le in giving out commissions, they changed their platform making it harder to earn from them.  I would not waste my time signing up now. I just won’t delete this post just so it wont ruin my blog, but its on your own risk now signing up for this.

Tweeting is really fun and we find great updates from other Twitters as well just by simply connecting or in the Twitter world, following.  I reckon Twitter is one of the most preferred social networks by most bloggers out there because of it’s simple and fun system to get connected all over the world.

The Good News is, that you can earn good money from your tweets.  Yep, that’s right.  You can earn as much as 20% Commission for Life, and these are the benefits of your Twitter tweets earning scheme works…

  • Pay per click earnings. You earn from legit clicks that you get from the posted tweets.
  • Ads auto-post. Time saver system, they post your choice of tweet categories automatically, so you don’t have to process it yourself with shortURL system they have.
  • Referral earnings. You  earn 20% commission from your referrals, and it is for life!
  • Facebook earning opportunities. Facebook application linked so you can use the system and promote it to Facebook as well.
  • Easy to set-up. Your choice of categories and numbers of tweets (from 1-3/day) that would be auto-posted on your account.
  • $20 Pay Out. It has as low as $20 USD pay out or you can choose check payments (minimum $100 pay-outs)
  • Pays by Paypal. Quick and safe payments with paypal.  If you don’t have Paypal yet, SIGN UP HERE!

Now, you are ot just having fun and getting updates out of your Twitter account… You make money from it!  Grab the opportunity to add more fun and excitements to your everyday tweets!

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