Do you miss me?  These are the common words we hear from people close to us (personally or hypothetically)when we’re gone for quite a while and I reckon my readers do…yeah?  If not all of them, there are few.  I actually received emails from some asking me to write again, as a blogger, how can I resist?

I love writing for some reason, about anything that makes me curios or something that brought about my attention to ask question or something I learned that I want to share.  I don’t think I talk a lot, but I write a lot!  What can I do? I’m a Gemini!(even after all the Astrological changes reported, I’ll stick to it!)  Geminis love communications, and writing is my way to do it as I’m done talking too much I now prefer writing…

I know I have not been writing for few months now and some miss my writing already… So, I’m back!  Lately, I just keeps getting some signals that I have to go back writing…  How? Well, a friend I met in Singapore asked me if what are my plans to write on my blog… Can’t answer anything, I was busy in dealing with my stuff…  Then, I met a new friend online… He’s a writer, he finds my blog cool and he said, I think you should go back writing… Today,  I checked my emails and got few emails and a comment wishing for more posts!

So, yep I reckon a lot have missed my writing! I’ll try to write frequently as I could now, no matter how busy I am.  Well, good news for those who do miss me because I’m back!  I’ll keep you posted on my interesting whereabouts and whatabouts, I guess my life is now an adventure and I’ll share it all with you so subscribe now to get more updates from me!

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2 thoughts on “You Miss Me?

  1. Hi There Lyndsay,

    I love your style of writing and your self depreciating humour 🙂
    For someone so bright and so care free I am amazed you chose not to have a partner.
    Have you ever travelled through Central eastern Europe if not when are you coming!!
    Keep writing your blog it rocks

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