Travelers have their own reason why they travel, some travel to relax, others trying to escape something, some to find themselves, and some to simply enjoy life and explore, yet you know when it’s time to move when?  The length of stay in one place to another depends on the traveler too, whether one wants to travel slowly and immerse to its culture or just to pack a flash traveling because there is not enough time from a few day break from their job.

Yet, the long term travelers know that there are more things to understand and learn when traveling on the road so somehow they are pulled in one place to stay longer than they thought they would.  But even though they are drawn to live there for sometime, some prefer to stay in that place that pulled them in forever, retire, and others find love that made them stay and do it.

While lucky are those who have found what they were looking for, home. Still, some of the travelers are still in the process of looking for theirs.  Moving from one place to another, hoping it would be the home we are looking for, indulge and live as one of the locals…  Few years later,  you are drained and tired from the routine and find yourself contemplating the things you’ve contemplated in Day 1.  Deep inside you know you’re not the same, but then you know you need something more…  Is it time to move again? As a traveler, how do you know when its time to move again?

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