Do you want to make your wedding the “Wedding of the Year” in elegance?  Do hate stressing out preparing everything for your Big Day? You think preparing for an elegant wedding is tiring?  and outrageously expensive?  If all your answer to above questions is yes, then read on to find out that these are old cliches that can be avoided.

How To Make Your Dream Wedding Come True

Don’t make your Dream Wedding a nightmare, how?  I’ll guide you one by one how to make your dream come true and save on your wedding day.

Make Up Your Mind. Make up your mind how would you want your wedding be, be it on the beach, in the church, in a garden, make up your mind!  Women tends to change their minds on what to do so they are always in chaos and cramming.  It all starts from you!

Make It Simple. Make everything simple, do not complicate things with the details because that would cost a lot of money.  People and family won’t remember every details of the catering but you and your spouse’s moment.  Make it simply beautiful.

Plan. Plan how do you want it to be, extra food, reception, entourage, flowers, decorations, make up, etc.   Assign a person or an event planner if you wish to have a very detailed wedding to lessen your stress and expenses(make sure you assign it to a trustworthy person that you know).

Canvass. If you have a lot of time, canvassing is a smart way to find the best deals for your wedding.  Canvass everything from gowns, flowers, caterers, make up artists, venue, etc.  There’s nothing wrong to get the best deal for your best day.  Don’t just grab the first thing that appears in front of you, there are best deals around the corner just find time to find them.

Ask Your Network. Ask your friends, relatives, office mates for information that could lead you to the best choice.  Expand your resources through your networks.  You will be surprised how willing they are to help you out.


Important Details to Take Note for Your Wedding

  • Invitations. Be creative, make your own.  If you can’t, then browse the net and the shops for a great price for a great design.
  • Souvenirs. Internet have a lot of ideas to offer, you can shop and just assign a friend or a relative to be a little creative.  A simple touch of ribbon and a little onion paper to print the details will be great, add a little imagination and creativity to become amazing.
  • Venue. Ask your caterer for referrals or otherwise.  People in business are also networking, you’ll be surprise how many referrals they can give you at a good price.  Just know what you really want.
  • Catering. Food is best kept simple, people are more interested to the couple and not food.  When they get hungry they will eat and then will continue having fun with the couple.  Yet, you will always want the best taste at the best price and presentation…  Catering beyond expectation is what Classique Fondue Catering Services has to offer.
  • Wedding Gowns and Tuxedo. This is what you need to canvass, what most couple don’t know is that there are tons of made-to-order elegant gowns that competes with the designer ones for way cheaper than they can expect.  Use your network about this too.
  • Make Up and Hairstyle. Looking good on your big day is a must!  Why not?! It’s all about you.  So choose your best make up artist and hairstylist in town that collaborates not just with your look but also your budget.  Your wedding hairstyle crowns your wedding glory too, so tell your stylist your best choice.
  • Flowers. Caterers usually know where to get the best flower deals as they uses flowers every services, don’t hesitate to ask.  Try to canvass the difference of getting a package or one by one, choose where you can save more and still have beautiful flower arrangements.
  • Sound System. When choosing sound system, ask for an ocular visit to one of their service appointment.  Some are just  good to see, but we need the best sounding sound system.
  • Photo & Video. When choosing for this service, try to ask them to show you their previous work.  Ask referrals from friends and caterers too, they have worked with tons of them.  They know who’s the best and who’s not.

Every preparation is all about smart shopping, so be smart preparing your wedding and you’ll make your Wedding the Dream Wedding of the Year!  Research more on the net, join wedding forums and dive to the places where people you need for your wedding swims.  Don’t get drown, be smart, and set your standards.

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4 thoughts on “You Don’t Need to Splurge for An Elegant Wedding

  1. I agree wholeheartedly! I just got married and am happy to announce that we had a wedding day that we could truly be proud of without breaking the bank. I’ve noticed some brides lang talaga are too “maarte”. They keep on wanting luxuries that they know their wedding could definitely do without.

    Couples should always remember, its not the wedding but the marriage that’s important. =)

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