Xbox Shoes Woes Everyone!


The new xbox shoes made by Nike is unbelievable and crazy!  Xbox Shoes Woes Everyone but not the gamers. Yes, it is creativity, technology, and style combined together but what woes everyone is the ridiculous price of $2,500 USD!!!  Somebody saw it available online through eBay. Geez!

Xbox Shoes Woes Everyone!

The Gamer’s Shoes

Xbox Shoes Woes Everyone!

What a pair of shoe?!  You’d be thingking what the he*l make this ridiculously special to be tagged with that price?  Why?  Not just that it glows in the dark which is kinda cool in a way, but what makes it more special is that the soles have built in xbox controller that can be used to all xbox gaming console.

Well, obviously these shoe are kid’s shoes or gamer’s shoes.  Yet, these wouldn’t be practical enough to use everyday, you might destroy the controller when you step on a poohpooh. lol

And you would not want to play xbox again with your shoes after stepping on a pooh, would you? 😀

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