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Maybe you guys are wondering why I am only writing just a post a day? or somedays none? It’s because I’m Working on My Header, Duh! It’s frustrating that I finally had my header ready, but when I put it on where it should be, it didn’t appear as how I expected it to be. Grrrrrrrrrr!

I know, it’s the pixels and stuff..I already did, adjusted it. But it is complicated! the design is just for a length of only 108pixels… 🙁 and my design, even if I tried modifying it to that same didn’t look good. It’s because its designed for higher pixels… I know…I thought I could just trick it, but it seems like I can’t.

So now, I’m back to design a new one that will fit to the pixels and look of my blog…Wait, until I finish my design and I will be blogging like crazy!!! bwahahaha!

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