(Couchsurfers: L-R; Martin, Spirit, Patrick, and Mo)

Saturday night when I asked my friend Regin (Philippines) to meet up at Khaosan Road before I move to Patthalung on Tuesday to teach English, full time.  I thought it would be cool to put it on the Couch Surfing (CS) website and get other CS-ers to join us, with only 2 days before Tuesday (2 days before leaving Bangkok), I posted the event on the site.

(Toto and Goi talking about Thai politics)

The event was not really organized(I mentioned that on the site), no plans at all, bummer event.  Good thing the attendees were all cool and they’re all good to just ‘wing it’.  I got to the meet up place (Burger King in Khaosan Road, which I found out that there are now 2 BKs in the area) at 6.15pm, ordered a choco sundae just to make sure I’d be allowed to hang out there while I wait for the CS-ers.  Few minutes later, Spirit (Canada) came in asking a ‘farang’ couple if they were CS-ers and when they said ‘no’ Spirit left, I asked the guy if he was asking for Couchsurfers and said I am one, he was nice to ran out and called Spirit to tell him there’s one waiting inside.

(The Roof Bar)

(The Tipsies! L-R; Alejandro, Patrick, Martin, and Darunee)

Spirit and I waited, few minutes later Mo (Germany) came in, then Patrick (USA) and Martin (Germany) .  Toto (Philippines) called in saying he will be late, at 7:30pm we started moving as others were starving.  We then ended up in Khaosan Bar Bangkok where some had dinner, drank beers, colas, and smoked hookah.  An hour later, Toto came and shared his wonderful stories about different histories of Philippines, Canada, US, New Zealand, Thailand and everyone was so amused how he knew all about it!  Soon enough 3 more CS-ers joined us, Goi (Thailand), Alejandro (Chile), and Darunee (Thailand).

(Clubbing @ ‘The Club’)

(Who’s on the dance floor? Oh?!)

Darunee was cool enough to get the event going because she knows better place to go, she took over(which by the way, I love!) after hanging out at Khaosan Bar, we went to the ‘Roof Bar’ for the live band performance but then it was really crowded and the band wasn’t that good, Darunee thought we go to “The Club” since mostly were in the mood to dance. Mo left earlier from the “Roof Bar” though.  Anyway, the rest of us went clubbing and started dancing while Toto (he’s a photo journalist) and I were taking photos non-stop while dancing on the dance floor with the people up the ledge!  It was a great night! Glad that it turned out like that(thanks to Darunee!).

I don’t usually club in Khaosan Road whenever I am in Bangkok because it has just been my hub going around Thailand and Southeast Asia, I would stay a day or two but hop on to the next destination.  The Club was really cool, reminds me of Sky Garden in Bali.  I am now looking forward to attend more CS events on my free time.


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