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Why You Should Travel to The Philippines?

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Few years ago, there weren’t a lot of backpackers going to the Philippines.  Honestly back then, I have no idea what a backpacker is until I met one in Bangkok one holiday who trained me to be one.   Since then, my eyes were opened to a different world which was not common in our culture, so I started writing about it on my first blog and it became my goal to help open the eyes of people to a shoe string budget traveling by sharing my ideas and experiences to everyone, most specially to encourage fellow Filipinos to travel around just for the reason of my country’s campaign, it’s more fun in the Philippines.

Other backpackers I met along the  way who asked me questions what is there to see in the Philippines?  I think, now backpackers are flocking to see Philippines even though the reasons why they skip Philippines were wide spread through media, but travelers are smarter and more adventurous than that.

Today, there are more and more reasons to visit Philippines that I found since I decided to explore a bit of my own.  I suggest you to stop listening to people who keeps telling you that its not safe to travel to the Philippines.  I thought the same for years that held me back exploring my country, but believe me,  most of them aren’t true and places I have discovered were breath taking.  Paradise  I never thought existed.  What you need to know about asking information about places to go is to ask a local traveler, so you’ll know the best and safest places to visit (plus, where to start with 7,107 islands!).  There are a lot of young Filipino backpackers now that are willing to help anyone, anytime they can.

Why You Should Travel to The Philippines?

I can give you a lot of reasons why you should against the reasons of those who say you shouldn’t…

Warm and friendly people.  Hospitality of my people is undeniable, just ask and you’ll see how far you can go.  I suggest you check out  Couchsurfing for better results, CSers are way too helpful to turn you down.

Festivals.  We know how to have fun.

English speakers everywhere.  Yes, you can ask anyone directions because big percentage of people speaks English, even street vendors can (they may not be all fluent or gramatically correct but surely, it will be helpful).  Don’t you find it frustrating asking people directions and you can’t get anywhere just because you can’t undertand each other?

Food.  Local food may not be much appetizing to your palettes but you will not have a hard time getting cheap food, even western foods.  Check out the mall food stalls, restos, and food chains.  There will always be good and not so good foods everywhere.

It’s more fun in the Philippines.  I can tell hundreds of reasons why you should visit Philippines but it would all sum up in just: It’s more fun in the Philippines!  I’ll stop rambling now, sit back and watch the video to get more reasons why you should travel to Philippines.  You can also check Google Images about it and they are mostly humorous!  Filipinos always know how to have fun, start your fun checking the funny photos of the campaign.

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