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Travelling around every corner of the world, you get to see a lot of couple travelling together.  It was cool in my innocent eyes way back my school years, the time when all I have travelled was just the route from home to school and back.  For me, it will be awesome to travel around with someone special like your boyfriend.

When My Perspective Came to Light…

Isn’t it sweet to spend time together, experience things together, see the world together, and do everything you can do together?  That is what I thought too.  So few years later, I didn’t know I could travel around with my boyfriend at that time(meaning, we’re not together anymore!).

It was fun and cool, exciting and full of new experiences being shared by two people in love (or maybe in love with the thought of it).  We ended it mutually.  It wasn’t a good end but it is now(confusing hey? never mind, it’s none of your business anyway!lol).  What am I trying to say is that, I never really thought about why you should not travel with your boyfriend/girlfriend from then until just lately.

Why?  Well, if you have told the reason why once then you’ll think it’s just their opinion, twice, you may think it’s a coincidence or perhaps they are just two people that shares same point of view, but you hear them third and fourth times from different people every time the it will start to sink in.  I started to look back from what I have seen but didn’t notice.

Why You Should NOT Travel with Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Why is it really?  They said, do NOT travel with your boyfriend/girlfriend if you don’t want to break up!!!

Hanz says…

Yes, it was funny hearing it once.  I was really smiling when I heard Hanz(not their real name), a German guy I met in Cambodia who started backpacking with his girlfriend but lost her to a local guy from Indonesia.  He was like, believe me, it happens.  Talking from his experience I could not disagree (nor I could not agree just because it happened to him).

Anthony preached…

Then, another backpacker from UK  I met in a hostel here in Singapore(I am currently in Singapore while writing this).  He is quite like an elder brother but he said he loves travelling alone because you don’t have to compromise with someone’s needs and wants while travelling, travelling more than two will be a little problem when you want to talk to the locals because they might get too intimidated, and travelling with your boyfriend/girlfriend is a sure break up route(whoa!).

Euan says…

It didn’t stop from there.  A friend that travels here and there for work says its hard to travel with your boyfriend/girlfriend as it is an exploration that usually ends up meeting new people and learning more ideas, and travelling with a compromising companion may limit your horizon to learn and explore more.  Because he is a friend, he knows more about me and even made myself an example (referring to my ex-boyfriend I was travelling with).  OMG! I didn’t even thought about that! Hahahaha! It’s just funny that from actual experience I must agree.  The former boyfriend is now with a local girl WE met in Vietnam, she was the receptionist of the hotel we stayed in.  He went with her two weeks after we broke up, and found out few months after from Facebook photos!

I have long accepted what happened and genuinely happy for them both.  As he is now happier with her, and she is a nice girl according to how I knew her then.  I remember telling my ex that she is a good girl (I mean, traditional good girl with values).

What am I just trying to say, is that, it really happens! I should agree with Hanz!!!  I have heard a lot more stories about it, and saw many proofs so I guess this time I should know that it is true!!!  In any case, travelling solo is the best though… I’m loving every single of it!

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4 thoughts on “Why You Should NOT Travel with Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

  1. Time your approach.

    Even before you decide what to say and how to say it, you have to make sure your timing is spot on. Approach your ex a little early and you run the risk of being labeled as desperate and needy; approach him a little late and you might find him having moved on. So, keep a close watch on him and when you are convinced that his anger is mellowed down to tolerable levels approach him confidently.

  2. I guess travelling can really make or break a relationship, as you help each other get through and share new experiences, but it’s probably only advisable if you’re confident that yout relationship will last no matter what.

    It’s the same whenever you’ll meet a lot of people and have new experiences – like young couples who go to the same University and then break up in the first week! (And then have to bump into each other every day for the next three years…)

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  4. This really is an ignorant post. If you are flakey or a self absorbed person–then yeah traveling with a companion is a horrible idea for you. If your a person who is genuinely in love with your partner, you simply couldn’t imagine seeing beautiful parts of the world with any other person–or even alone. For the record as well, you can meet new people as a couple & you can learn new ideas together…. This story really sounds like you traveled with a random who ditched you & now your scorned. I have traveled so many places with my boyfriend and I have for 2 years now. We live in perpetual travel. But NEVER have we ever had any of the problems you expressed. Any body who would ditch you because they found someone with cooler ideas is not a reflection on traveling with a spouse-that’s a reflection on your shitty choice of partner. If your going to put stuff on the internet to this caliber-at least make it multi demential so other couples who might consider it a blessing to travel together don’t get the wrong idea!!!! The only problems me & my boyfriend have ever run into is privacy in a hotel room, finding laundry facilities, and when money is an issue. This article pissed me off. That’s what I thought about your post.

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