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Why do women change their looks?  Often, we see our girlfriends change their looks by having a new hair cut, haircolor,  or new hairdo.  Sometimes the way they dress and the way they are.  What’s the reason behind it?  There are several reasons why women does it, although it should not be generalized.

3 Reasons Why Women Change Looks?

Mostly, does it to improve self esteem. Admit it or not, people judge by the way people look.  Looking for a job alone, you are to be judge from the moment you walk in the building, it is the impression that they look for.  What can you give according to your personality.  Yes, having to get yourself presented in a cool and presentable way, you’ll get your self-esteem back.

There are also people does it to follow trends. Trendy and fashionable fashionistas don’t want to be behind all the latest make-up, fashion, or beauty rituals and stuff.  They even make sure to be up to date or even futuristic on what will be the trend next season.  Runways show off their pieces that will be on their fashion store rack for the next year.  Yes, they show it as early as a year a head, marketing hey?! Yes, it is.

New Look

Feel better. Sometimes, women change their looks to forget the old self, not entirely but especially when they’ve been through some hard emotional battle.  Seeing yourself bad on the mirror is depressing as well, so when you look good, different, you feel better for yourself when you see yourself shining in front of the mirror.

There you have three reasons why women change for a new look.  In my opinion, if the intention of changing looks is for the best and genuine reasons then go on!  Why suffer and depress yourself when you can help yourself cheer up by simply changing looks?

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