There are several reasons why we change our fashion taste, it does not stay the same for more than a decade or it is so boring and strange to stick into one style.  Change is always a part of everyone’s lives and the environment influences could impact the way the person change his/ her style whether its chic, classic, bohemian, casual, rugged, or streetwear.  So, why do we change our fashion taste?

4 Factors Why We Change Our Fashion Taste?

There are no specific details or explanation why someone changes his or her fashion taste but here are the reasons I could think why.

Trends.  The fashion style of a person may be influenced by the fashion trends dictated by the media and fashion people.  The media is a very powerful tool to influence people which is always taken advantage of the business people in fashion, so the moment they put out a new trend out in media it becomes the latest trend in fashion.

Environment. The environment or group a person is living in always affect how a person acts and dresses, like if one is living in a conservative place then normally the person would dress conservatively and vice versa.

Budget.  The budget also limit the options of most people to dress up, but that is the thing of ages ago.  We now know that you can stretch the limit of how to look good on a budget, just know how to do smart shopping.

Lifestyle. Of course, the lifestyle has a big impact to the way a person dress up.  Budget is not a question in this reason, some people just adapt their style to their lifestyle.  For example, a backpacker would not wear gown and high heels at the Full Moon party in Koh Phi Phi or a fisherman’s pants at Italian’s Mask Festival.

The factors mentioned above are just few of the real reasons why, but we all know that each of us have different personal reason why we change our fashion taste and style.  Experiences also, is a big part of adapting ways from our conditioned self to the new offers of day to day experiences.

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