Why Travel On a Budget? Anyone who asks me this kind of question should either be rich or crazy, but if you’re not either one of them I will tell you why you should.

Traveling on a budget…

Traveling on a budget… makes you more smarter if you are not in anyway related to any rich clans in the world who have no problems with money at all. How?  Your mathematical skills will be sharper, your bargaining and language skills will get better as you try haggling down half of the price they gave you wherever you are in the world, whatever it is your are buying at the local store.

Traveling on a budget… will help you understand how little you really need in this world, especially traveling around the world.  I know this will raise a lot of eyebrows, but I can honestly say this is true(check out Michael Wigge’s video below).  I have traveled Southeast Asia WITHOUT millions in my pockets that I always thought I would need to travel around.

Traveling on a budget… will make you live a humble life.  Backpackers do live with only what they have on their back and on a shoe string budget all the time, battling their finances to stretch how far it can go.

Traveling on a budget… will help you appreciate little things, even a penny.  You’ll realize as you travel the world how your penny can buy few pieces of candy somewhere in the world that can make a child happy.

Traveling on a budget… will gain you new friends.  How?  I have been traveling on a budget on every part of the world whether it was for work, volunteering, or just to travel around and being from a hard working class in the Philippines I have always been a risk taker.  Sometimes, my bold moves surprise people I meet and I have met great people who have sincerely offered help for me to survive.  May it be a dollar to get me a plate of fried rice in Siem Reap, a few baht to stretch my budget in Thailand, a cooking set to save a bit by cooking my own food, a job for me to do using my online skills or English skills, or their couch for me to stay without anything in return.  All these genuinely offered which gain me good friends on my journey.

Traveling on a budget… makes you enjoy life better.  As you live a simple life this way, anything that comes beyond expectations will definitely give you a great joy.  More smile on your face, lighter and better days.

Traveling on a budget… will not end you up broke or in poverty, when you’re back in your so called ‘real world’.

I can give you lots of reason why you should travel on a budget and there are thousands of veterans in backpacking that can ramble more about this (you are all welcome to share your reasons here on the comment space, by the way).  All I can say is that I have more reasons why you should do it than not.  Like I said, if you have lots of money to spare then you can probably write your reasons why you should not travel on a budget version, but I just have to share my thoughts on why you should too.  I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I would appreciate a Facebook like, a comment below, or a re-tweet by hitting that green tweet button at the upper left of this post. Have a good read!

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