Why There’s Specific Skin Care for Men?

I was wondering why there’s Specific Skin Care for Men?  Why there should be “For Men” indication?  Why do general skin care without label are for women? Would you want me to tell you my opinion about it?

Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this! 😉 lol

Past Forward

No, that’s not wrong grammar title, it’s deliberate! 😀 Anyways, I’ll tell you my opinion why, vanity is widely known and common for women since ancient times.  Women are expected to look good and their beauty rituals and products are what made them look and appear really great, mostly natural skin care products.  The ritual products during the ancient times are  evolved to now the modern beauty products.  It was women who first used skin cares.

MODEL:Arjun Cabildo

When It Started?

Men on the other hand have the same skin problems like women.  Pimples, blemishes, freckles, and all that… Made them realize that they too needs skin care.  They know that they should use skin care just as  like women does, but they don’t want to be questioned about their masculinity as skin care were first used by women.

Modern Answer

Skin experts was born and so to answer the demand for men’s skin care they have to label them “Men’s Skin Care” products.  They started to give reasons and excuses of the difference between women’s and men’s skin care products and reinvented it as if it is tailored for their type of skin.

Men Skin Care L'Oreal

(L’Oreal Paris Men Skin Care Kit from – $26 USD)

Vanity Reborn for Men

Now, there are specially made skin care products for men suiting the type of their activity.  Same thing with women that make the skin care/ cosmetic industry boom.  Even so, women’s skin care can be used by men as well, but now that there are wide range of products and choices. It answers the egotistic questioning of their masculinity and that they do have more active hormones that skin care for men will solve. Yeah right! 😀

Either way, men will still don’t want to risk using women’s skin care.  Why would they? when there’s millions of choices what skin care for men they will use.  At least, no doubt involved. lol…

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