We all know people loves FREE stuff, we all do! I myself loves FREE stuff as well, simply because I gain something without anything in return. Although, some people are having hard time to take anything for FREE, yet majority loves it.

Why People loves FREE Stuff?

Yesterday, I had this weird thought, while I was updating and checking out my Twitter, I thought…”Hmmm, I should do a survey on Twitter and find out what people would answer about that!”

Here are the Tweets on Why People loves FREE Stuff?:

lyndsay82: Hey guys! Would you help me find out, Why people love FREE Stuff? I’ll post your answer tomorrow on my blog!!!

wude72 @lyndsay82: cause it’s free, that’s why they like it

ahkai @lyndsay82: that’s easy, bec its free

fogfish @lyndsay82: We have no obligation to like it because it’s free. We also convince ourselves that the cost is zero regardless of future costs.

Daniel4is @lyndsay82: We need only turn to physics for the answer: because free antimatter (a.k.a. “antistuff”) is hell on your soft furnishings.

catttaylor @lyndsay82: It’s the lure of getting something for nothing.

seventysangel75 @lyndsay82: i think people like free stuff coz ya nice enough to give it away and if they can get there hands on it 😀 lmao

Rick_Smith @lyndsay82: umm.. because it’s FREE! hahaha

tan1337 @lyndsay82: Because they don’t have to pay a penny 🙂

Jen_Sylvia @lyndsay82: the chance to try something without investing cash into it. I don’t like free stuff if I don’t have a use for it, y/k?

This was really fun! There are weird and funny answers, and there are really good ones. This survey shows how different we are, and how we take things in our everyday lives. The important thing is, this activity was fun, and learning.

Thank You to all the Twitters who joined me on this survey!!! I hope you enjoyed it as I did!!!

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3 thoughts on “Why People loves FREE Stuff?

  1. I was just find out, find a scietific or cool answers from twitters of that question, and then have fun as twittering is really fun.

    Fortunately, I got great responses from you guys who are all cooperative with the fun survey. All for fun, connecting, and twitting! 😀

  2. I am looking into getting my 4 sisters and mom a necklace for Christmas and love the necklace you gave your bridesmaids! I was wondering how your necklace is holding up. I want to make sure the one I get lasts for a really long time! Thanks!

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