Living in Milan for three years without even exploring it have made me an all work, no play kinda girl.  Yes, I felt dull and sad that time but since I’ve learned how to turn my tables around, I am not letting every opportunity slip away this time.  Sicilian towns like Taormina and Castelmola are stunning with its rustic countryside appeal that seems like old school and modern merging together.


Why I Love Sweet Sicilian Summer?

Be Fascinated with Mt. Etna’s Beauty – Mount Etna is one active volcano but still exudes elegance as it stands perfectly with its regal shape and the lava that constantly (but slowly) flowing from its mouth made it look like snow caps from afar. Reflecting from their bright sky, Mt. Etna is just glowing.


Craftsmanship – Locals in the area learned how to make Limoncello out of their lemony situation, true that Italians make Limoncello instead of lemonades.  Not only that, they turn lava stones to different accessories such as home decorations and jewelries.  Ceramics are abundant here too, from tiles, vases, plates, to every kitchen utensils are produced made out of ceramics, even the head statue at their gates that is believed to help watch their house from evil and harm.


Culture – Taormina and Castelmola are two little charismatic town filled with artists that works in public places and performers that entertain guests at the piazza for your little change.


Food – Wherever you are in Italy, you should always try their food because every region boasts their cooking skills and never they will fail your taste buds, read more about my 6 Must Try Italian Food When in Italy.  Their pride here is the Orancini, a deep fried mozzarella risotto filled with meatballs, and I tell you how it taste like? “Mama Mia!” That’s all I can say, figure out why.


View – Why would they boast these little towns? The view from the piazza is spectacular.  A beautiful chateau overlooking the Italian coast of the Mediterranean.  My words are not enough to stimulate your imagination and so I would help you by posting my beautiful captures during the trip.


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