Filipino culture is a little complicated, our collectivism is one of the reason why most of us would not travel.  Why Filipinos Should Not Be Afraid Of Traveling?  Many reasons that we may or may not admit that keeps us from being free, from exploring what is out there, experiencing awesome adventures, meeting new friends because of these… Just like taking advantage of countries that Filipino backpackers can easily get a job.

  • Afraid to travel solo.  It’s either because we are afraid to be tagged as selfish by traveling solo, or going out of our comfort zone, but what you don’t know is that there are more great things you learn on your own and people to meet that way because you do not have someone to depend on.
  • Believing you don’t have enough money to travel.  The thing is, the marketing industry have made its mark in our head that when traveling, we have to stay in luxurious hotels, eat extravagant food, and shop fabulous clothes, souvenirs, and accessories.  Yet, most of us don’t realize that we can forget about material stuff and focus on gaining experience by staying in a cheaper accommodation because you will spend most of your time exploring and meeting new friends outside.
  • Afraid of immigration checks.  Filipinos are always nervous going through an immigration check because most of us would rather listen to the boasting stories of those who have gone out and came back that somehow take the confidence of answering right to the officer’s questions.  We already have perception of how the immigration officers think before we get through so by the time its our turn to face the immigration officer, we tend to get nervous and rattled making them to see you as the suspicious person trying to cross borders.
  • Not aware of our civil rights.  It is our right to have our passport and leave the country to travel and explore as much as we want, but of course, with proper documents and procedure.  As long as you have all the documents and you know where you are going, and do not intend to do any malicious things abroad then I don’t see why you will not be able to answer the immigration officer to go through.

Really now, tell me why Filipinos should NOT be afraid of traveling… Okay, okay, I’d rather tell you why, so read on.

Why Filipinos Should NOT Be Afraid Of Traveling

  1. Philippine Economy is booming.  Therefore, if you have a job there is no way you can’t afford to travel if you know how to manage your finances and take advantage of the offered travel opportunities like promo fares, discount accommodations, cheap foods, and sharing activities with strangers (that most often than not, becomes your new friends).
  2. Promo Fares.  Take advantage of the promotional fares offered by the budget airlines dated in advance.  It might be few months away or a year ahead but booking your ticket ahead of time saves you a lot of money and gives you a lot of time to plan your itinerary as well as your vacation leave from work.
  3. You have a passport.  If you have a passport then you should use it for its purpose. Travel!
  4. Plan. Planning is always a part of a fun and great travel experience, even if you are like me who’s not used to planning since I embarked into my backpacking lifestyle, it’s always helpful to at least have a little plan.  You don’t need to plan in detail for a decade of travel.  If you did plan accordingly, still, take in to consideration that not everything goes like how it is planned. Don’t lose your cool, it will ruin your trip.
  5. Ask help or information.  There is a growing numbers of traveling Filipinos that blogs because for the common goal of motivating fellow Pinoys to embark on their adventure.  Ask or read their blogs to get more idea of where they went and what they do, if what they did triggers your fancy.
  6. Be prepared.  Even though you have all the gears and things you need to travel, if you don’t know or at least researched to have an idea on how to do it then you will just be like an armored knight who does not know how to use his weapons.
  7. Trust.  Trust but be cautious, you will find that there are more helpful, nice, kind, and fun people out there than scary ones that we keep hearing from the news all your life.
  8. Talk to people.  We were so consumed with what they called ‘real’ life where everybody don’t even talk to each other in the MRT, in the elevator, or even smile to your neighbor if you can’t say ‘hi’ or ‘hello’.  This is one of the many great things you’ll learn traveling solo, by talking to strangers asking directions or tips of what to do next or where to go will eventually lead you finding new friends you’ll never forget.
  9. You’ll get better view of life.  From the way you live, you will learn a lot of how to live life simpler and doing so, makes you happier and would not make you want more but instead, give more.  At that time, even without a lot to give, by being there to care and help will make you realize that you are giving more than just giving a donation.
  10. Our country isn’t too bad.  You’ll get to see the difference out there, that our country isn’t that bad, we just need to be aware and act, stop complaining and blaming each other.  That other countries are going through tougher times than we are.

In the end, all I can say is that, you may not need a lot of money to do it but you need a lot of courage to break through the conditioning that you grew up with to give way for better experiences and adventure of your lifetime!  It’s not just all about having fun, you’ll get through tough times along the way too but you’ll learn and you’ll have more reasons to laugh at yourself when you look back.

So are you ready to embark on your adventure of a lifetime?

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  1. I really like your comments-such an eye-opener, especially here in the #9 point!

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