Living life isn’t easy, you have to make mistakes to find the answers… Cry to be happy, get hurt to be able to love.  Even though this seems to be simply complicated, life and love are hard enough to be mistaken over and over again before you get the most out of it.

We sometimes find love, but everything becomes a disaster when you loose yourself loving someone else.  Making the person you love happy even if it costs your own, isn’t healthy.  Most people tend to preach what they thought they know, but even themselves doesn’t really know how it works.  Life is not all about great stories, dreams, and prophecies.  They do exist, but the truth is no one really know how it all works.  We just have to live our lives, follow what’s within no matter how crazy it is.  You make mistakes, get the consequences, learn from it, and live again…That, I think is what’s the meaning of life.

Looking ahead you loose your present, looking back is the same, but living at the moment sometimes hard and scary as we are afraid of what may happen or what’s not.  It sucks when it hurts, yet most of the time we hurt ourselves from decisions we make.  I wonder why it is natural for us to be brave making decisions but will hurt us , rather than make us happy?  Why do we condition ourselves to be ready from disasters, but not to happiness?

It is easier to choose the way to happiness, but conditioning makes it harder.  Most of the time, people we love always makes life harder for us.  The beliefs and traumas of their experiences molds our personalities that isn’t necessary.  Fairytales do come true, but most people now I bet you doesn’t believe in it anymore.  Why do people believes more in getting hurt than to and be loved?  Why contradicting is easier than understanding?  Why is pointing fingers easier than taking responsibility?

Then after all those things we’ve done, we loose the ones we love and ask all these questions why?  Why do we have to know everything, when life should be cherished at the moment?  Even the moment is here, this right moment, we are afraid to live in it.  It became harder, when it is the happiest moment ever.  To live now is what I keep hearing, but really it is not easy…  If there’s an easy way to do it, let that be the greatest way, so people would be led in the right way.

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