Why Do Men See Women as a Trophy?

I was updating my Facebook the other day and saw my friend Diane Matienzo-Medina’s Wall-to-wall message that says, “Why Do Men See Women as a Trophy? I replied and said…”Hmmm, that’s a cool thought I’m gonna write about it on my blog and answer it”. So, I did.

Men are the prime human being who always want to play games, and often they want to be a player but they don’t want to admit that they are, because that ruins the game.

Why Do Men See Women as a Trophy?

I am one of those who got curious and wants to find out why and what are the causes of this at an earlier age, I keenly observe behaviors and reactions to whatever triggers the Player in men. You can read about How to Tell if a Guy is a Player? Asked male friends questions, researched few, and mostly through observation that I found life answers to it.

Why Do Men See Women as a Trophy? POINTERS

Why Do Men See Women as a Trophy?

The Reaction.

Men often reacts different around what they consider a Trophy Woman, they behave positively and be the best they can be. Most of the time they do it for vanity, they are always egoistic and having Trophy Woman beside them contributes to boost their self-esteem. I wrote and tackled men’s behavior in my previous posts, Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Player and Why Do Guys Become a Player? , these are detailed posts to understand men as they are less complicated than women.

The Observation.

As to what I have observed, men tends to introduce and display their Trophy Women everywhere, from work and peers. It is their want to be tagged by their peers’ “You’re the Man!” category.

The Trophy Women.

Some girls find it flattering but you should not be that easy.

TIP: You’re his LIFETIME Trophy if he introduce you to his family, that’s the best indication. Otherwise, he’s just counting trophies to show off his friends.

Yet, some girls doesn’t because they feel that they are just being liked and loved for what they are, and not for who they are.

TIP: When he keeps mentioning what you do or your achievements, then you maybe considered as Trophy Woman. I might be wrong, but that’s a high indication that you are, or else he should be telling his friends how nice and sweet you are.

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3 thoughts on “Why Do Men See Women as a Trophy?

  1. Thanks for some useful info – meeting women is never easy, especially the decent ones who don’t want your wallet or your babies!

  2. hey lindsay. I am a 30 something and still haven’t found my soulmate. Anyways, being in the dating scene for some time introduced me with different men’s names and faces. I have observed only one thing in common which may be the BEST answer to your blog title. And for answering that, I just wish for you to send me a mail and introduce me with a man who has some depth and not a Shallow Hal. lol Just kidding…

    Anyways, I think the answer is Insecurity….

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