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When I came back to the Philippines and was forced to join the work force because I’m totally broke(I know I was being lazy!), I have to undergo the usual routine of introducing yourself over and over again from one training to the other.  It was funny because the template questions always include asking from what company you’re from and I was always caught in the dilemma of what to answer!

How can I tell them I was a bum for a long time and that I only do part-time jobs in between while travelling around? Story of my life is so complicated to tell but to those who heard it, they tell me it’s interesting and it’s like a story in a movie!  When its my turn to introduce myself, I would just say I haven’t been working for sometime hoping they would not ask about it because I think it’s just as complicated as I am to explain, they always want to know why and what I’m doing then.

So, I tell people I was backpacking before I joined them. That of course triggered more questions because its unusual, that there were only few Pinoy Backpackers around.  My new found friends (my wave mates) at work and trainers tagged me as “The Backpacker” and Jeano, my wave friend, started calling me ‘Dora, The Explorer’!.  The most common question I get, is “Why do you travel alone?”.

Why Do I Travel Alone?

Hmmm, I really didn’t thought much about it because when I started backpacking, I wasn’t alone, and I have met solo backpackers along the way too (although I’ve met only 1 Filipina Solo Backpacker in Vietnam, and that’s Leizel and Erwin, a Pinoy Flashpacker in Cambodia) so I don’t feel different from them.  I just realized that I’m living beyond the norm of my culture and tradition (and I’m a female solo backpacker, there are few, but not common) when I questions like that started to flood.

I remember how my Irish dorm mate in Bangkok said, “I’ve never met Filipino backpackers until now” (talking to Leizel and I).  Not to mention Erwin who said “You’re brave hey, I could take a male solo traveller like me but Filipina? You’re the first one I met…” while we were on our way to Siem Reap.  I started travelling alone like I always mention on my previous posts when my pass in Singapore was rejected.  I was lost and wanted to have my own space, own time to think what to do next, but then what I got is where to go next?  From then I noticed how happy I am when travelling alone, and really you’re not alone when you do because you get to meet more people that way not thinking about your company’s mood or what they want.  I love the freedom it gives me, something I never felt like in a long time and I started doing it whenever possible.

Reasons Why I Travel Alone

Now I know why I travel alone, I have lots of reasons now why.  Here are my reasons why do I travel alone (and maybe why you should not travel with your boyfriend and girlfriend)I may figure out more reasons to, in the meantime here’s what I have.

  • It makes me feel whole (just because I don’t have to compromise to anything or anyone).
  • Freedom!
  • I can do whatever I want.
  • I can go wherever I go.
  • I can wake up or sleep anytime I want.
  • I can talk to anyone I meet, locals, backpackers, fellow Filipinos.
  • I can be myself and free.
  • It’s fun.
  • I’m addicted.
  • It’s more exciting going out of your comfort zone.
  • I appreciate more the things around me.
  • No distractions, except those self inflicted ones (should always be good distractions, of course!).

I now have a post to share to those people who would ask me the same question, and I hope this would suffice their curiosity.  I’ll encourage them to do the same, I mean, travel alone!


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