Growing up, I am always cautious of male human species. As I have observed, they are quite cheeky in breaking female human species hearts. 😀 Specially just before going to High School or Grade Seven, females and males are into romantic scenes having observed those from all the fairytales they have watched, they are ready to put them in to action! Leaving both the young euphoric feeling of butterflies in their tummies and giggling, but guys develop this sense of playing games with the girls for more fun for them…

Why Do Guys Become a Player?

I always hear people telling guys are born “Polygamous”, which is I think their excuse to play around with girls. Growing up with mostly girls in the family and relatives, I was eager to find out the reason why, and this is what I found out.

Why Do Guys Become a Player?

  • REASON #1- “Men are Polygamous by Nature”. This is what we always hear, an excuse for that behaviour to play around female human species’ emotions. Making their minds a good reason to play their games.
  • REASON #2- Peer Pressure. As most bad habits and vices that guys form for themselves, it’s the most commonly reason, Peer Pressure. The needs and wants to be accepted in a group and the society, they are forced to play the part of what is expected whether they like it or not. Afterwards, it becomes a part of them, a habit, a routine, then a trait.
  • REASON #3- Consent. I mean, consent from the subject. Consent from the girl. The game that most guys play always have an indirect or direct consent from the girls through body language. Acting like you want him or being extra nice to a guy, hanging out with them than usual are some of the many indications, specially if it is a different approach given to other guys around him. Gotcha! The game is on for them.
  • REASON #4- Status. In men’s world, having to get to be with more women has something a lot to do with their ego. They see it more charismatic, appealing, and likable they are when they do that. Making them more accepted in their group as a potential charmer, boosts their pride.
  • REASON #5- Addiction. The feeling of being accepted not only from their peers but also to the women’s world has a big impact in his ego and pride. The rush of feeling great made them want to feel it more and more, making them addicted to create the situation that gives them great sense of pride.

These are some of the things I have observed all throughout my curiosity. Having to do the same thing more than 7 times over and over again as a routine, it becomes a habit, then becomes a trait, becomes a part of them.  So girls, you might want to read, How to Tell if a Guy is a Player? in reference. 😀

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4 thoughts on “Why Do Guys Become a Player?

  1. Why do women become players? Are you serious right now? Why is that whenever a man’s bullshit is exposed, men deflect and ask why women do the things that are most common among the male gender. Please stop. It’s getting tired.

  2. Haha, come on women are the biggest players. Men are the dumb ones that get caught. But women will NEVER get caught. lol

    Women don’t become players, they invented the game! Well actually, the game exists because of them… but women merely reflect back to man what he is. If more guys were honest and straight up with women, we wouldn’t have to play games any more. And we could stop playing games and start playing with each other if you know what I mean… 😉

  3. So not true. the reason we become a player is because we want to get laid. We don’t care about other people thought about that. I don’t have any Peer Pressure at. We put pressure on our peer. I have to say at least 75% of these is wrong

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