Four years ago, I have no idea what backpackers are.  All I know are tourists.  I didn’t know there are type of travellers roaming around the world, and even if I always dream of travelling around the world then, I thought it would take ages before I’d be able to do that because of the expenses.  I didn’t know you can travel in a budget way like backpackers do, until I met my then boyfriend T, who introduced me to backpacking.

When I started backpacking alone, I began to have this huge curiosity to learn more my way (and not fed information from someone else’s opinion).  I began doing things I always want to do but never thought I could, see things and places I always want to see, and crack out of my shyness shield when I can.

Hostels, guesthouses, backpacker inns  became my means of accommodation. Suddenly, my yuppy attitude began to fade away, everything is such a humbling experience. Why Backpackers Choose Hostels? Because they’re a place to sleep, place to mingle, ask real travel information from real travellers(I find backpackers the real ones than just taking photos, splurgy tourists), and they’re cheap!

Although there are hostels that are not as clean as the others, you must consider where you are in the world (don’t set standards when you’re backpacking, you’ll not enjoy your trip). Then again, why are you there? Isn’t it to explore? So you’re hostels are just a place to sleep and most probably meet new friends, it’s a bonus if you get a clean, comfortable, with friendly staff and cheap at once.

Majority hostels in Southeast Asia have these common amenities;

  • Clean Bunk Bed and Sheets
  • Free Towels (Some may charge extra)
  • Toilet papers (They charge this in Cambodia, but hell, they have the cheapest accommodation rates I’ve been so far)
  • Soap and Shampoo (Super cheapies don’t have them at all,so what? you should have yours anyway)
  • Free WIFI (this is always essential for me)
  • Others offer free small breakfast (bread, butter, jam, and coffee/tea)
  • A/C rooms or fan rooms

They’re good enough to have when you’re travelling, you are forced to explore more of the place.  Hostel prices ranges from $1-25 USD/night, depending which country you are in.  So now you know why backpackers prefer hostels/guesthouses to stay in, yeah?

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One thought on “Why Backpackers Choose Hostels?

  1. I don’t care about standards except security for my laptop bag and preferably Wi-Fi (though sometimes I have to travel to the next town and use internet cafes, especially in Indonesia).

    I never found a $1 hostel, that sounds great – the cheapest I stayed in was 50 baht in Thailand (very sweaty) and 7 ringget in central Malaysia (bed bugs).

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