Lately, I noticed how people around me starts calling me ‘Dora’.  We, all know ‘Dora The Explorer’ yeah?  Even kids know who she is. Dora explores the world with only a backpack she carries that takes everything she needs (which most backpackers have too obviously).  Funny, how I first heard it from Jeano, a colleague from my previous job and then everyone from our wave started quoting me as the adventurous backpacker that travels here and there alone.

Christmas party, when we were exchanging gifts… Everyone was required to describe who their Christmas babies were. Ate Yan-Yan started it with, she’s ‘Dora’!. Everyone thought it was Em-Em, my niece who happened to like Dora very much, but when she followed it with… “The Explorer…”, instead of saying yes with everybody’s guess, I realized it’s me. So I said, “Seems like it’s me” And she started laughing and gave me the gift.  Okay, so from colleagues to family, and social network friends,  I can’t say friends because most of my new friends are explorers too.

In a way, it’s cool because people are suggesting places for me to go, asking me if I have been here and there, what to see there if they have been to that place.  I love getting ideas where to go, I get more choices, more paths, more freedom.  Plus the fact, that I get to do things by myself and give tips to people on how to do it the budget way.

I travel with my name, The Discount Travel Blogger, all the time I go for discounted deals and when I say discounted, I mean real discounts and not the falsely advertised discounted rates most people get online.  I wrote about tips how to travel cheap that you can check out.

Yes people, you thought you got a discount from an online ad? Think again.  You can do better than that by direct transaction at the location (except if you are after a popular festival, then you have to book ahead).  I encourage all of you to explore more but be cautious and smart, be aware of possible obstacles always set plan B’s even if you don’t have plan A, if you know what I mean(just be a smartie!).

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