Lately, I have been seeing pink lips everywhere.  From TV, Internet, Facebook, and any other possible media that I am using which made me realize that there are different shades of pink lipstick that suits different people. Yep, Who Wears Pink Lipstick The Best?

Yes, it’s like choosing hairstyle that suits your facial shape, choosing the right hue of your pink lipstick depends on your skin color.  Nah, I’m not racist.  What I am saying is that you have to choose what will give a good contrast on your skin to make your pink lips stand out and look noticeably great.  You don’t just want to wear pink just because it’s pink, you’re not Pink for god sake!


Who Wears Pink Lipstick The Best?

In my little fascination of pink lipstick lately, I got myself a light pink lipstick too since it’s the next new lip color.  Nope, I don’t have a photo of myself that has a visible enough to show you, I will just update this with one soon.  Not that it matters, because why I’m writing this about is to get your opinion on Celebrity thing, Who Wears Pink Lipstick The Best?

So here are the celebrities, take your pick on who do you think wear it the best.

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