I always dreamed of traveling the world even though I don’t how and when would I ever start or finish it, it didn’t stop me from dreaming.  Fate will work its way,  just like how I ended up a Discount Traveler with this blog.  I didn’t plan any of this, it just happened!

Magical Email

One morning while having breakfast  in Khanom with Chris, I checked my email and another Chris sent me email to join this competition called “A Grand Adventure”. I read about it before but I thought I was so busy then to join it.  Now, that it’s making its way to me, who I am to turn this invitation to join down?  It’s really interesting, its just writing about where would I go if given a £1000 and honestly, blood is rushing almost every vein all throughout my body.

Just the thought of winning that amount of money to travel without worrying how to get the cheap flights, I couldn’t explain the adrenaline rush I get thinking about it.  Suddenly, I am excited to somehow “plan” the dream trip. OMG! I am rushing to search the Internet, laying the world map on the table, and finding connections and resources for this so called trip of a lifetime.

Adrenaline Rush!

Okay, calm down Lyndsay! You gotta start telling people how would you plan this “Grand Adventure” of yours (Ohmmm….Ohmmm….calming myself down).  Here’s how its gonna be as I map it in my head.

If I’ll be sponsored with £1000 to travel around, I would want to travel Europe! Well, that was the first thing came in to my mind but since I have traveled a bit there and lived in Milan for three years,  I know I can backpack Europe easier because I already have an idea how things work there from those years.  So, I might be hopping the globe with places I want to visit that would be a little challenging to me.

(Image from: travel.rakuten.com)


I’d save New Zealand and Australia since I know I will be going in and out of Australia soon because my chef brother will soon move there.  I would start with Japan.  Most appealing place there for me is Kyoto as it is the Historic City of Japan.  I love Japanese architecture and Kyoto shows off traditional Japanese architecture almost anywhere.  Not to mention seeing a real geisha in a historical place will be amazing.  Fukuoka for having the largest food stall in Japan, “Sashimi! Wohooo!” Add the Mt. Fuji, Nara, Nijo Castle tours and maybe a bit of Tokyo will be enough for me.  Tours for my choice online showing more than 200USD, but since I’d stick to my backpacking style.  I’ll be needing around $50USD for my tourist visa there too.

(Jeju Island Image from: korea.net)


I’m only inclined to see Jeju Island because of its peaceful ambiance and great reviews from backpackers I met on my travels. But if  I’m there already I wouldn’t lose the opportunity to see Seoul, meet my Korean friends too (I hope Sabong will meet me there).   Jeju Island’s natural beauty made a cold weathered Korea an interesting place to go, also, it will be a great time to explore their food.


I’d skip other parts of Asia that I could go to easily on my own, so I’m flying to Africa.  Safari trips, extreme sports (like Brad’s adventure on the vid above), will probably travel from Zambia,  Mozambique, Madagascar, Malawi and Seychelles.  I would like   Malawi’s fresh water lake to snorkel and swim with amazingly colorful fish is highly appealing.  I wouldn’t need a visa on the  Egypt and Morocco are two definitely go-to places for their rich cultural and historical backgrounds.  On Malawi and Egypt visa, I might need to spare $100 USD.

(Pyramids in Egypt; Image from: thomsonworldwide.com)

(Riding camels in Morocco; Image from: amazonaws.com)


I always want to go to Brazil since the ‘Fast & Furious’ days, and I heard that they have gorgeous beach out there. Aside from the fact that we don’t need a visa going there, the threat of the place that I keep hearing still doesn’t bother me.  Specially that I have Brazilian friends to host me when I get there and maybe tour me around Rio or more interesting places in the country.  Maybe, try to bathe in a nude beach too! Hahaha! (What a nerve?!) Nah, I meant SURF!


What do I really want to see in Peru are the Mayan Temples.  Like I said on my previous posts, I am interested in mystical, paranormal, metaphysical, spiritual things and Mayan temples, just like the Stonehenge in UK, they’re on my travel list.

Well, these are all just some of the places I want to go to if I will win this “Grand Adventure” contest.  I still have a lot of places that I want to go to like, going back and traveling around Italy, Vatican, France, Germany,  Czech Republic, Russia, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, UK in Europe.  Canada and US for a great road trip visiting not just places but friends and family as well, other parts of Asia like China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.  Those can wait and I at least have some resources here and there to visit those which makes the highlighted places to go to are the places to be once the £1000 landed on my hand!  Watch out, because the next thing I would be talking about those places would probably be from winning this contest, hah!

Most of these places would not require me a visa which saves me money, so excess money can be used for food trip or extreme adventure acts. Isn’t that a real Grand Adventure?


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4 thoughts on “Where Would I Go If I Have £1000?!

  1. Flights to Africa and South America would be expensive so you could definitely take advantage of that. But really, Japan and Korea are so accessible from South East Asia any time even without getting it free, I was back and forth a few times last year.

    You can get Air Asia flights for less than 200 USD, and domestic flights in Japan and to Korea with Peach, and it’s cheap enough to eat, sleep, see the sights and get around on buses if you don’t use the expensive bullet trains. Korea isn’t a particularly expensive country overall, and people always exaggerate how expensive Japan is, I found it cheaper than central Europe and so much cheaper than Australia.

    But maybe I missed the point, that’s just my thoughts about those countries. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the tips Dave, these are just the first few places came to mind that will make my RTW travels come true without going through much of the challenges.

  2. WoW that looks like a great plan, a real RWT for only USD 1000,-
    Good luck with the contest.

  3. Great list! Last year we have been in Japan and I can hardly wait to go back and discover more of this great country. Of course, all the other location sound very tempting to me, too.

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