(Pusat Belia Youth Hostel)

When I suggest places to eat or stay, you know by just reading the name of this blog that I’m always looking for the cheapest that I can tolerate but in Brunei they are comfortable. Why not? You’re visiting one of the richest countries in the world.

Where to Stay in Brunei?

Although there are a lot of mid-range to starry hotels everywhere, I am suggesting ‘Pusat Belia’.  Pusat Belia is their youth hostel so you will see lots of kids and young adults out there swimming laps in the pool, warming up for their ‘Sepak Takraw’ and all of them are always friendly and says ‘Hi’ everytime they can.

B$10 (PHP 350)per night at Pusat Belia, reception is open even though you have to ring the bell at the counter to get someone to attend to you, in which by the way, I am not complaining.  Use of swimming pool has a minimal fee of B$1(PHP35), WiFi is accessible near the swimming pool up to the stairs near it or you can use Internet at their cyber cafe for B$1/hour.  Their cyber cafe is a tiny convenience store too.

(View from the Hostel’s Balcony)

They are all dormitories, male and female are segregated (no mixed dorms).  All rooms are air-conditioned, so you can cool down after a long walk. Public transport is not readily available you have to wait long intervals, if you’re good with walking a lot, you’ll be fine.

Backpackers who visits Brunei will always show up in Pusat Belia, why not? All you need is a room to sleep and Pusat Belia is more than that for the cheapest price of accommodation you can find in Brunei.

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2 thoughts on “Where to Stay in Brunei

  1. Looks cool, I didn’t make time to visit Brunei properly – I just passed in and out and in and out of its borders when I took a bus from Kota Kinabalu to Miri.

    At one of the borders, two Filipino guys on my bus were questioned by security for a while, but no one else – I don’t know if it was just random checks, of they had something against them 🙁

    1. There’s nothing much to do in Brunei than visiting mosques really, but still a good place to visit. It’s too quiet for me too, very unusual for Southeast Asia. Well, what can we expect on one of the richest countries in the world situated in Southeast Asia.

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