After a few months of going around and seeing wonderful places in Southeast Asia, I decided(at a very last minute) to go back Philippines.  I don’t make plans anymore(and its pretty satisfying than my old usual planning, stick to the schedule self), I go with how I feel and how the situation goes this time, and its a lot of fun!  I think Paulo Coelho’s words works(“The fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself”), he’s got a point because I’m living a wonderful life now than when I was planning everything.

No Plans, No Expectations, No Worries…

Oh well, coming back in the Philippines after the big solo Southeast Asian adventure I am inclined to work now(I mean, I feel like working deep inside…meaning, not just for 3 months!lol).  First reason, funds are running low.  Second, the situation brought me back(and for some reason, I feel happier back now than the last time).  Third, I need to save up for the next adventure!

The big question is, where and what do I want to do?  Last night, when I started checking out job sites, I really don’t have any idea what do I want to do or what industry(as I know I can do a lot like writing, designing, marketing, or back to hospitality/tourism industry)?  I browsed the sections of my possible targets but my attention was highly caught by the beach resort in Palawan and Boracay!

I sent them my Curriculum Vitae (CV) pronto! and I am not contented, I searched their main office in Manila and will be there tomorrow to drop my CV personally!  I don’t know, but the traveling got me closer to nature and if I’m working back here I prefer working to the most beautiful places we have here.

I Want to be in Palawan!

Yeah, funny that I have well travelled Southeast Asia than my own country and its a bit embarrassing to have no answer when fellow backpackers ask me about Philippines but now, I’m doing my part, I’ll be working in Palawan!

Man, it will be awesome working in a place where you know it is nominated in the 7 wonders of the world!  Having its rich marine species, white fine sand, world class caves and cliff to rock climb(oh well, I can invite Team Canada[my climber friends my buddy and I met in Krabi, Thailand] over for Philippine climbing experience).

The traveling have changed me a lot.  People, family, and friends here would not understand(they have their chance last time I was back, but nope, no one did), as I have once said to my travel buddy Leizel, no one will understand you but your fellow backpackers.  I think I’m lucky now that I have Leizel as a friend from the same country, because what we are doing is totally different from our cultural background and we’ve got each other to talk to about those differences!

So, tomorrow I am so excited to hand carry my CV to the Manila Office of this resort and I am positive I will start working there soon. 🙂  What’s the name of the resort? I won’t tell you yet until I’m there.  You’ll find out soon because I’ll be writing more about  Palawan on my blogs when I’m in.

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One thought on “Where I Want to Work: Palawan or Boracay?

  1. I love Palawan.. I didn’t get to the see the underground river yet though. I will have to go back next year to see it.

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