I know I have extreme personality growing up, I used to laugh around and bully my friends but then at the end of the day, I always want to spend my time alone in my room daydreaming, writing, reading, or singing with my guitar. My routine was just home-school-home but I always want to go somewhere far far away from home. In my mind, I thought I need to have lots of money before I can be able to do that like everybody else thought.

Soon enough, I got my first break of working overseas at 21 and was happy to see places to places, country to country. It was overwhelming that I could not even believe I was there and was really seeing it on my own eyes. Israel was the first foreign land my feet ever stepped on and then Turkey, Greece, Malta, Monaco, France, Spain, and Italy for work on board a luxury ship. Yes, Mediterranean was my first continent and soon enough my feet unexpectedly brought me to travel Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Australia with my old special friend.

It didn’t stop there, I am looking for something more and I thought I want to settle down but I wasn’t ready for that yet. So I tried my luck in Singapore but it brought me back traveling around Southeast Asia (but that time, backpacking alone) to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and back to Philippines. This time, I think it will never stop as long as I can travel, I think I will be traveling whether its here, there, or everywhere. While I’m riding this, I’m booked to fly solo next year again and Leizel is still into our plan (that hopefully would materialize late next year) for sky diving! I want to do it! So where I have been? There’s my map up there, and still counting…

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