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The earth as we all know it doesn’t have the same aura as it has.  We all live and breathe in it, if it’s not for the earth we would not exist.  But what is happening to Mother Earth?  When Will Philippines Help Save The Earth?

Why did I mention Philippines?  Simply because I came from the beautiful Islands of the Philippines that boasts natural resources and rain forests.  From water to land resources, Philippines is rich, which explains why we were colonized for 3 centuries by the Spaniards.

We are all benefiting from the earth’s fruits and abundance of almost anything a human being needs.  Air, water, food…  These are all given by the earth for free, but what happens after so many progressions of technology and developments in the civilization?  For some reason, it resulted in destroying most of our necessities in living, NATURE.

It is true showing the proof that we are now paying for everything that are supposed to be free.  Water is now for sale in a plastic bottle that is non-biodegradable,  Oxygen that we need to pay in the hospital when we got asthma attack that people get from the pollution,  Fast food crap that we pay heaps using unhealthy ingredients and un-economic packaging when we should be enjoying fruits of the trees, plants, and meat from animals for free.

(e-Jeepney Part 1)

What Are We Waiting For?

My question, When Will Philippines Help Save The Earth? will trigger opinions of  a lot  of people, specially Filipinos.  Although, my goal is to give awareness to every Filipinos that we are part of the world, the earth, that needs to be united with other people all over the world to save our planet.  There are no other “MORE important” than saving the place we are living in.  Without the earth, life would not be possible and so all problems that people thought that is more important will not exist if we all stop existing.

Awareness to every Filipinos that we should work together and inform others what we can do to help save the earth that starts in a simple way.  We, having surrounded by bodies of water and located at the tectonic plate should be more cautious than any other countries in the world.  Due to that geographical location we have, includes the package of being blessed with amazing resources that earn us money from tourism.  Yet, this will also be a disadvantage when the global warming starts impacting the earth really bad due to our geographical location as well.

Although we know from the beginning that we can do something about it.  Even in primary school we were thought what is happening, what can happen if…, and what can we do to avoid it.  However, those knowledge we have acquired from the classroom didn’t made its way out of there.  We know from the start we can do better.

Are You Willing to Help Save the Earth?

How?  By using renewable resources and recycling methods we can make our planet a better place to live in.  When Will Philippines Help Save The Earth?  I know that some Filipinos are doing their best to help this crisis like producing e-Jeepney, which runs through electricity.  Using renewable resources, helps reduce pollution by simply not producing toxic carbon emission, and very affordable to run public transport which majority of the population uses.

(e-Jeepney Part 2)

Aren’t the founders of this idea a hero?  For me, they are!  Since civilians have started a good deed, Philippine Government should support and implement the action of widely using renewable resources that we call “Green Vehicles”.  Philippines were admired all over the world in producing this e-Jeepney causing media attention such as CNN, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, etc…  Why not implement it widely by government support? When Will Philippines Help Save The Earth?  I know they have, but at least the body of the Philippines should too, which is the Government.  We need to work more harder, we are not doing enough and we are running out of time.  I know we can do better to save the earth. When Will Philippines Help Save The Earth?  The answer is, NOW!

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