In this day and age that everything has become so fast and when almost everyone tries their best to get connected to the Internet. The World Wide Web has become a tool. Envisioned by their inventors to connect everyone easily no matter where they are in the world. It was once called, Information Superhighway.  Where dial-up connection seems to be the fastest and dealing with the weird buzzing sound to connect that gets interrupted when somebody calls your landline. Yes, that was the high speed internet back in the mid-90’s.


Genesis of World Wide Web

Years later, email was invented letting one connect to a friend through a message that costs almost nothing. Emails became text-ing, text-ing became chatting, chatting became video-chatting, and now social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. make us do everything we never thought we could do for free on the internet a decade ago. It has become a great tool to connect people. Isn’t that great?

But wait a minute, did it really make us interconnected? Did it make us really sociable? Before you answer this question, try looking around when you’re on a bus or train and tell me how many people who are not using their phone. How many of us are guilty? A lot.

Do you still know how to approach someone in person without your gadget?

We have become unsociable in real life ignoring real people and events happening in real time right before us just because we prefer to watch our friends’ last trip’s video. It has become a common occurrence almost everyday, hour, minute, and second but what’s even worse?

What’s worse is when the Social Networks become unsociable. When instead of networking and socializing online becomes bullying, when people all of a sudden seeing it all in a bad light instead of good.  Who’s bashing who, who’s better than who, and why do we do all these? What for?

Good or Bad, Don’t Justify a Bad Intention. Check Your Motivation.

In every invention and discovery, it was all meant for good yet we turn it to something bad. It should be our tool but instead we become its tool. Every reaction leads to another, but don’t we have our own thoughts to think first before we act?

Before I end this post, I want to sharea story when the internet was just beginning. I was back in grade-school when they first introduced it in our school, every student has 1 free hour to use it, it was really slow back then, and once I got in I remember how surprised I was how 2 people from different side of the world can talk and eventually become friends. I thought it was great. He describes what is it like at his part of the world and I describe my part of the world to him, together we’re just two fascinated people. It was amazing.

What about now? A tool that suppose to bring people together is now being used to divide us more, one’s pride higher than the other. I’m just in awe how we are misusing something that is good. It is not just technology, its in everything… Whatever we touch, it should have been for a good reason to use.  It was supposed to make the world a better place.

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