I have few days to enjoy French Riviera, it was truly a refreshing time, felt like I was back in time when cool breeze touching my face and the more it blew stronger and cooler, the more I enjoy the chills and how it makes me blush as the temperature makes my cheeks pink. What more will make me excited stepping on to French soil, exploring not just the place but also its tongue? Well, like I said, we’re not talking about kissing here, but dining French! Food is always a big part of exploring and has become a huge part whenever I get the chance to travel somewhere that appeals both to me and my loving fiance. Why? He loves food and everything about it, a foodie with a real great taste and style. Although, I know Italian is a great cuisine, bleh, everyone does! When asked if I wanted to go French or Italian cuisine while we were in Monaco, I said, “Let’s do French!”, and French we did. Dining, I mean.

We were at the French Riviera and we will be in Italy from that time. I thought doing it local would be great and going French on a French soil will be more exciting, and so my he agreed. We booked a dinner table for four at Quai Des Artistes. After we ordered from the confusing selections in the menu (confusing because they have sooooo many great choices to choose from) we talked about almost anything we could about the beautiful set-up of the restaurant, the riviera, the flights we endured, the tour the next day, the cruise, etc. We were having a great time when our dishes came out. We all ordered wonderful meals and yet, I will only describe my comparison to my home version (Philippines) of the popular French delicacy, Escargot, and Foie Gras.

foie gras

Foie Gras

I love livers! Chicken liver, pork liver, duck liver, I just like it. I like it grilled, I like it fried, I like however you would cook it and taste good. In the Philippines, chicken liver skewers are commonly seen from the street vendors. Liver (especially chicken) is a huge part of Filipino cooking to enhance flavor, you will find ‘liver spread’ in small tin can which is our local pate version in a coarser texture in comparison to fine, smooth western and european pate and foie gras (duck liver).

Trying foie gras in different versions, you develop your preference of how you want it prepared. In my case, I like it pan seared. While in my home grown version, I like it cooked however regional style we have as long as it is cooked well done.



Let’s take it slow, really slooooooow… I’m talking about eating escargot in a nice restaurant at the French Riviera reminds me of my father’s special ‘Ginataang Kuhol’. That’s how I started eating snails, ginataang kuhol is snails in coconut milk or ‘green curry snails’. French escargot is not as tasty as my father’s green curry snails,

*Check out Easy Ginataang Kuhol Recipe with Ginataang Kuhol My Filipino Recipe.


These two were our appetizers that we can’t miss since their the most popular French dishes, I had a grilled salmon and creamy spinach. Although these are not budget cuisine, it doesn’t mean that Monaco and Southern France aren’t affordable. Read on for tips on how to budget your meal expenses in Monaco and Southern France.



There are supermarkets that has a great varieties of great cheese, deli with amazing cold cuts, fresh fruit, and whatever you wish from their groceries. A normal restaurant offers 5 euros for a nice breakfast combo meal, a 7 euro pizza from a pizzeria, sandwiches or salad bar for 5-9 euros. If I was backpacking, I’d hit the groceries and maximize 10 euros for food a day (3 meals with snacks). Whole roasted chicken costs 5 euros, 3 for half, a serving of Paella from the supermarket is 4.5 euros.

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