lipcolorsDifferent hues and colors are coming out every season. Well, annually there is an ongoing popularity for specific color. Back in mid-90’s, the dark matte brown colors conquered the lips of every women.

In the Millenium, metallic colors were into the limelight. Then there was the reign of the shiny and glossy lips, then the nude colors. Just recently, it was the REDs who is making waves in the fashion cultures. So what’s next?


For those who are trying to be in the lead to show off the next color, it is the Matte Pink Violet Hues coming next. Matte Purples, Lavenders, Lilacs, Light Pink, Flesh, any in that color category that will suits your skin tone.

You can start pouting with your amazingly colored lips, start finding one for yourself! Next big lipcolor is just predicted! Smackers get updated with colors, so why not update yourself too?

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