What’s New in Fashion? BLUE is the HUE!  Right, Blue is the new color fad today.  The fashion industry launched the BLUE fashion collection of 2009. Yep, I know, I was skeptical too…Just like you, I was like…What? Blue?  No way!

Then I switched on the TV last night, turn it to the Fashion TV and guess what?  The ramp is full of BLUE clothing paraded by models, created by different famous designers!!!  Okay, so I told myself, it might just be a clip compiled by the editor of the fashion channel, just probably want to feature blue clothing.lyndsay cabildo\'s blue fashion post

What happened next? When the MTV Europe Music Awards roll, I can’t believe that most artists and guests are wearing BLUE!!! So what now? What’s New in Fashion? BLUE is the HUE everywhere.  Now, I’m writing this blog, aren’t you convinced that I’m convinced that BLUE is the FAD today?

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