Summer is almost over but the fad is still on. What’s in for sunglasses? hmm..yeah, I was dying to find a good 80’s sunglasses in bright colors.

Green and Black Retro Sunglasses

Well, the 80’s sunglasses been on the market early last year but the fad is still going… I have seen them in Bangkok’s side walk vendors whom chic girls and guys on a budget mode cab easily avail the sunglass on fire even if you have tight budget.

Roll over the sand in your most wanted beach place with it, together with your hippest swim wear, and coolest drink and yeah, you’re still on board the style circle!

Vintage Sunglasses (images from ebay)

From 28 US Dollars to 200 Thai Baht? not bad! That’s just under 6 US Dollars, so if you happen to be in Thailand at the moment, rack up the side walk and I’m sure you’ll find thousands of it that suits your taste.

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