What Will Make A Merry Christmas?

What Will Make A Merry Christmas? December 16.  That starts the catholic tradition that we call in the Philippines, “Misa de Gallo”.  It is attending mass every dawn in 9 consecutive days upto the Christmas Eve.  Misa de Gallo is a Spanish term that means “Mass for the Chickens” literally, because the tradition was started by the farmers who starts working every dawn when the rooster starts making noise.

Catholism was brought to the Philippines by the Spaniards making most of the language similar to theirs.  Christmas is generally celebrated by the Catholics all over the world to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, which we all know is traced and found by the rich kings and presents are  given and the Christmas Gift giving began.

The question is…What Will Make A Merry Christmas?  It is the time of giving, people are sharing what they have to everyone, specially sharing it to those who doesn’t have as much will make their Christmas a lot merrier.  Why? You might be granting their Christmas Wish!  Isn’t it great to make someone else’s soul and Christmas merrier?

Everyone is getting their bonuses and getting their holiday savings, but reaching out and caring a bit more to others in even just little ways is what will make a Merry Christmas.

A simple cards to your love ones, a simple gift to a nice friend…  It doesn’t have to be pricey, it is all about the thought that we share, give, and reach out.  The essence of caring for one another is I think what will make a Merry Christmas.

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