I have always been fascinated how backpackers travel with their own style.  Some like it rough, adventurous, adrenaline pumping’ and some like it chic and easy.  Not only that, travelers have evolve their reasons to travel such as traveling to taste different foods around the world, some on fashion and accessories to shop for, some to see off the beaten tracks, some thrill seeking adventures, some for enlightenment, some for an escape, some to party, and a lot more.

For a long time, I don’t really know what is my type.  Just because I want to travel and experience all the good things traveling has to offer, may it be to taste different foods (even extremely exotic at once), try adrenaline pumping adventure (which I’m quite into), to relax, to escape, and almost everything good it has to offer.  So, I came up with these choices that you or me would be one or another, or a combination of all.


Backpacker is a traveler that travels without a definite place to go to or a definite time frame that most of the time carry backpacks. Backpackers make their way to go places to places for a long period, wherever they feel like going or when they feel like leaving.  They find different ways to stay traveling for as long as they want by going on a real budget way of living, looking for a part-time jobs in places they go to top up their travel budget.  Some stay in one place when they get a job to save up a little and start traveling again when their savings are good enough to travel again.

(Diving in Davao)

Adrenaline Junkie

Travel always come with an adventure package.  Just packing your bags and going to an unfamiliar place on the globe is an adventure itself, but these junkies would always want an extreme activities to make their adrenaline working such as sky diving, scuba diving, white water rafting, rock climbing, surfing, paragliding, parasailing, bungee jumping, and whatever adrenaline rushing activities you can think of.

(Capones Island)

Off The Beaten Track Seeker

Travelers who seek places that are not well-known to tourists yet, unexploited paradise and natural resources. Watching turtle eggs hatch, swimming with the blue whales, discovering virgin diving sites, etc.  They are the modern-day Columbus, travelling around the world in search of undiscovered places.

Food Tripper

These people travel to explore their taste buds, try, taste, and maybe learn to cook the locals’ cuisine of every place or country they visit.  May it be learning to  cook Thai, eat authentic Indian curries, be adventurous to eat Cambodian delicacy which is Tarantulas, or amazing Italian pastas and Swiss cheeses and chocolates.  Their palates trigger their urge to travel from places to places.

Leisure Traveler

This is the traveler in my mind when the word ‘travel’ was mentioned.  They travel and splurge, stay in nice hotels, do the package tours offered by the travel agencies and stay in one particular place for a short period.

Business Yuppy

Traveler that travels in the cost of the company they are working for.  Flying first class, with suitcases and wheeled carry ons.  Very well dressed on their suits and stays only in their fancy hotels or maybe try a packaged tour or two from the hotels’ arrangement.  Usually, they gone to many countries but have seen only the airport and the hotels they’ve stayed in.

Travel Shopper

These traveler loves to travel for shopping.  Whatever items, accessory, or fashion stuff he/she is fascinated to buy from every places he/she has gone.  These people might also be doing it for business, for personal use, but for whatever reason they have…  They always shop!

Truth Seeker

I could have different names for these types of travel.  Some are traveling for the sake of enlightenment, wanting to learn and experience most religious beliefs they are drawn to.  There may be some of them who are also drawn to the mystery of the world, may it be mysticism or paranormal ones.  These travelers want to understand more of what is it we have here, more than what meets the eye.


The flashpacker is almost a backpacker only with a limited itinerary and schedule.  They may travel in a budget or splurge during their travel, trying to get the most out of their short time vacation.

There are many other travelers that I may not be aware of, or like I sad, you  might be a combo of some or all the above mentioned traveler, yet I still want to find out what do you consider yourself most?

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8 thoughts on “What Type of Traveler Are You?

  1. I find I change travel styles from trip to trip. Usually I’m a backpacker, but recently I went to South Africa for a wedding so it was more of leisure travel, with some adrenaline junkie activities thrown in there!

    1. Being a traveler, I think we would like to try almost anything at once. Well, if we started as a backpacker then everything should come easy to try all of it.

  2. was a joy to read and vote on. went with the backpacker but we agree tastes do change and all are worth a shot!

  3. I guess I’m a combination of a bit of everything, probably mainly adrenaline junkie and flashpacker

  4. I am for sure a Leisure Traveler and a luxury seeker. I haven’t always been like this, but this is who I am now and I feel comfortable with that.

    1. Travelers know that people change as we get to see new things and differences, we can adapt to what is more suitable for us. No problem.

  5. Tough to pick between the first three for me! I guess there’s always some overlap in how we travel. Interesting post.

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