Don’t know what to wear? Feel like Chic Hippie Style? I have something for you! Try my new spread: “Lyndsay’s Hippie Chic” Style…

I created a summer stylish look best worn for summer since I am living in a place with mostly summer season…:D I will be creating more looks soon, so keep checking out my blog!

Also, if you want me to create a specific look, just let me know…I will be more than happy to do stuff like that…see ya!

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6 thoughts on “What to Wear to Look Chic?

  1. could you be my fashion guru??? 🙂

    i am really having a hard time deciding what to wear everytime there is an occassion.

    you see, i’m not that confident with what i wear though others say it looks good on me.

    i hate my body! it is full of adipose tissues!!!! lol. 🙂

  2. My pleasure Cathy! Number one tip on looking good is being confident about yourself, and whatever you wear will look good on you. The best trend? ATTITUDE! However you look like, just wear the attitude and the rest will speak for itself.

    Yet, if you still want some fashion advice, just contact me and will be happy to create a spread for you. Just tell me what theme and I will create a look that’ll suit for you. Also, please send me a photo of yours and some infos of how tall are you, and what you are comfortable wearing…heels or flats? stuff like that, and I will prepare the look just for you and feature it here on my blog.

    Feel free to ask questions! 🙂

  3. hey lyndsay, i’m glad i came across your blog :)you’re so sweet. thanks for sharing!

    btw, i love the fact that you travel a lot!:)

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