Are wondering what to wear on your first date?  First dates are always exciting and mysterious that most of us are fond over preparing, there is no problem with that, the thing is is keep in mind certain points before raiding your wardrobe for your mysteriously exciting night.

Points to Remember in Choosing What to Wear for First Dates


Venue. Where do you plan to go? Classic Resto? Theater? Casual Lunch/Dinner?  The theme of the place should be considered in choosing what to wear.

Flexibility. Think about something you can wear flexible, like if after a formal lunch date and he invited you to watch a band concert, or a short walk.  Make sure you wear clothing that can fit on a classy and casual environment.  Chic style is recommended, this is stylish and flexible.  If you want to wear heels, wear heels that are comfortable like wedges, platforms, or low heeled shoes, so it won’t hurt you if he wants to go for a walk.

Impression. First dates is all about first impressions and getting to know you stuff, so choose the clothes that will not scare or overwhelm your date.  Do not wear too revealing clothes, it might give your date a wrong impression.

Comfort. First dates always make us anxious and dealing with anxiousness is already a tough work to do, do not complicate it with discomfort of your itchy lace clothing, too tight skinnies, or high stilettos that hurt your feet soles.  You wouldn’t get a chance to be comfortable on your date.

Keep It Simple. Making it simple is better, you get to know him without worrying discomfort and how you look because you didn’t use too much to worry about.  You’ll get to enjoy the date and know more about your date better from a worry free outfit.  Also, you’ll get to know his taste and not this miss and matching of your style hoping your date would like.


Dark Jeans. Dark jeans always works well on first dates for men because it match more colors that your date might be wearing.  Plus, it’s easy to match it up whatever polo shirt or t-shirt you have depending on your style.

Shirt. Choose the shirt according to your style, just make sure the color of your shirt match your personality and style, whatever style your shirt is, either polo shirt or casual t-shirt.  For those who doen’t know the color that will suits them, White is always the safest.

Belt. Always wear a belt on first dates,  this show that you are not after something and respectful enough, thinking your date is not easy.

Flexible Style. Men are easy to style, yet there are men out there that doesn’t know how to style themselves.  I recommend dark colored sneakers for young men, because it is flexible on classic or casual date.  Men in their 40’s or 50’s, Black leather shoes is cool.

Suit. Men should wear/carry a suit.  Why?  If you don’t feel like wearing too formal, a formal date will do with the above mentioned recommended casual attire, the suit will make the casual style a formal stylish touch that you can just remove wherever you decide to go after a classy lunch/dinner.

That’s all I can help, tips to wear on your first date.  You can now storm your wardrobe and prepare for your first date.  Who knows, she/he might be the right one for you!  Goodluck! 😉

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