Nobody wants to be in an awkward situation, do you?  I don’t.  Often times, if we are trying to make a conversation with someone we just met, or someone we like (weeeeeeee!).  Nervousness and feeling uneasy puts you in the situation.  So you’re thinking what to do in an awkward situation?


(Click This Image to Hear Cricket Toy’s Sound)

What to Do During Awkward Situation?

Many thanks to Jeff who invented “Cricket Toy”, the solution for awkward situation.  The toy got the exact sound the cricket have to make people laugh or wonder what was that? Then, awkwardness is gone. It is fun to have one, well, I do have one now courtesy of Jeff.  Guess what?  My 2 year old niece is enjoying it, as well as my brother who is, by the way, 21 years old now. lol…  Yes, they are enjoying it with the t-shirt Jeff sent me.  I am currently traveling so they are the ones devouring Cricket Package!

Cricket Toy

Forget Awkwardness, Have Fun!

$5 USD for a cute and fun Cricket Toy and more than $12 USD for a T-shirtavailable for female and male sizes, in different prints.  You can get yourself to have fun with the cricket toy everywhere you want for just $5 USD!!!  Cricket toy will soon conquer Philippines.  By the way Jeff, you’ll do great in the Philippines if it’s on the local market, but for now I can’t find one for you. 🙂  But many thanks again Jeff!

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