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If you were expecting exact answers for being a good traveler by reading this post then, sorry to disappoint you but I am not giving you any formulated or standard reasons that makes a good traveler.  What’s the purpose of writing this, you may think.

Simple.  Its all about how I see people traveling out there and their ways and actions toward whatever pressures or differences confronting them, yet still managed to be a good person makes me look up to them.  Who are they and what makes them a good traveler?  Read on.

6 Great Travelers I Look Up To

The Linguist

I don’t mean the experts but I consider those travelers that at least try to learn basic local language just to break the ice with locals, brilliant!  It makes your traveling a lot easier when you do, and doesn’t get intimidating when you try to speak local language.  Don’t worry about the accent that it sounds hilarious, their laugh would be a good start of a good connection.  You learn more local words and you gain more local friends.

The Respectful

People who does their research before deciding in visiting the place.  How they can be respectful?  They would get to find out the customs, appropriate what to do’s and inappropriate.  Let say, you’re going to India, be respectful that all women there are covered up.  I guess, a traveler should dress appropriately according to the local culture.  Think about others, think about yourself.  Try and win locals, you’ll see, it’s a win-win situation.

Mr./Ms. Congeniality

Have you ever met people that always start this conversation to make a stranger his/her friend? Aren’t they so easy to talk to and get along with?  Most of the time they end up your travel friend and the next thing you know, you’re cycling around the temple/s with them and most probably will end up your dining buddies.  These people may or may be this friendly naturally but either way, it’s awesome to have met them.  People who wins more new friends along the way and turn the solo traveler joining in a group travelers in one place or maybe to another as well.

 The Volunteer

The traveler with a purpose, not just looking at what’s beautiful in life but also making others’ life beautiful in simple ways.  A selfless act to put a smile in an orphan’s day, or food for a starving beggar for a day, or even memories and knowledge to the students at a volunteer teaching projects.  What about medical volunteers? I can’t forget to mention them.

Non-Judging Traveler

Traveler that accepts almost everyone or anything that comes his/her way.  Understanding situation, people, cultures, and tradition rather than condemning its difference to his/her own conditioning.  A very kind-hearted and a happy person.  Sees all good in everything.

Popular Yet Humble Traveler

In the travel world, you get to know people online by joining travel groups, reading their blogs, their books, watching them on TV or online.  They might not be popular to everyone but they have created names for themselves in the travel industry.  Yet, they talk to people, respond to fan emails, social network messages, and  even if their feet has been so many places, they still touches the ground.

At the moment these are all the travelers that I look up to.  I am still positive there are still more inspiring travelers that would make anyone look up to, whether they are aware or not (which most of the time, they aren’t).

What about you? Who are the travelers you look up to?

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2 thoughts on “What Makes A Good Traveler?

  1. That’s actually a great question and great answers as well. I agree with being flexible with languages. On my travels, I often learn some basic words to speak to locals and break the ice. It’s very important to show your interest in foreign culture. Moreover, I always try to be patient and humble…

    1. Aren’t they amazing? Those travelers always get my attention and I can’t help not to watch how awesome they deal with the differences around them. Kudos to awesome travelers! 🙂

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