What Makes a Good Dresser?

Dressing up and looking good isn’t always have to be expensive and trendy. Most people thought, those who dress good have more money to spend for good clothes which they thought are expensive. I say, “WRONG!”. So, you would ask, “What Makes a Good Dresser?”… That is what I’m gonna tell you.

What Makes a Good Dresser?

  • ATTITUDE- We always hear this word everywhere, but really are most people believe in it? Do you believe yourself that you look good by just being yourself? DO not fit in, shine from the crowd by showing your uniqueness! That’s Attitude. Positive attitude.
  • PERSONALITY- When you have great personality, its always a package, that means you got an attitude. Personality distincts your individuality amongst the rest. It’s the power from within. With great personality and attitude, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing expensive clothes or not, it will just look good on yours complimenting your personality.
  • PRACTICALITY- It’s great to have expensive stuff as they are quality and edgy just for the brand and label itself. Yet, that will not be your personality you are wearing, your wearing someone else’s personality for a fee if you choose to wear everything expensive. Well, if you have all the means, it’s cool because part of your personality is your money gained from your positive attitude. Therefore, you are still bigger than your stuff and not the other way around.
  • EYE FOR QUALITY- If you have the eye for quality you get to have most good stuff on and with you, although not all quality are expensive. There are tons of quality and reasonably priced out there, also from bargains.
  • SHOP SMART- When you know smart shopping, then I don’t have to tell you this tips. Like wait until the SALE season to get the clothing or accessories you want and you will get more than your money’s worth. Even if it’s not for the present season, you can save it for the next season and still look good at a better deal. Also, stop compulsive shopping!
  • BE CREATIVE- Being fashionable is also an art. Be creative, improvise, mix, and use your imagination on what look you want to wear. Mix and match. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or not, or if you mix an expensive top with a bargain jeans, just remember the first two tips above and you’ll surely look good. Be yourself.

    What Makes a Good Dresser? You already know that now and up to you if you’ll do my tips or not, but I know those are the best tips to consider on What Makes a Good Dresser. Enjoy!

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    One thought on “What Makes a Good Dresser?

    1. I feel as though one of the important and most often overlooked yet simple points of being successful not only in business but in life is in the simple act of projecting a positive attitude. It’s good for you and those around you!

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