(Korean Students Performing)

In my 7 days of stay in the great Siem Reap city, aside from the amazing temples there were great activities happened on the streets just right next to the Old Market (near Night Food Market).  The street is filled with western bars and restaurants competing for the cheapest and best deals to offer.  Massage parlors and fish spas everywhere but that doesn’t stop there.

Korea’s Performance for A Cause

So you’re wondering now, what made Siem Reap’s streets cool?  There wer two crowds that made the street alive.  First, it was the Korean University Students performing on the streets with different entertainment such as traditional dances using some nice drums, singing, and modern dances for a donation that Cambodian kids will benefit.  All trouble for a cause is an awesome deed.  I salute them for that!

(Aussies celebrating OZ day!)

Australia Day in Siem Reap

The next one, was the Aussies celebrating Australia Day in Siem Reap!  They are all singing in chorus while drinking (as its always part of anything), and playing some ball games.  It was cool to hear and see them celebrating,  reminds me of the memories and good friends I met in relation to Australia.

Yeah, so What Made Siem Reap’s Street Cool?  Those people made it cool and alive during the days they were there.  The Korean people was performing for several nights, and I love them for doing it because it’s entertaining and it is for a good cause.  That made them the coolest people to rule the streets during their time.

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