Most of us would dream about how it’s like on a luxury cruise line? I honestly been dreaming of it since I was in high school and so after college, I got my dream come true and worked on one of the cruise lines out there. Nope, it was not as glamorous as you think but little that I know of, 10 years later, after working on a cruise line I had a chance to become a passenger in one of the luxurious names in the cruising industry, The Seabourn Odyssey.


I Was Very Pampered

The first thing I noticed when I entered the Seabourn Odyssey was the warm smile and welcome of the people, I now realize that it’s the staff that will make the experience a good impression because they are the first ones that will interact with the guests as they embark the ship. I didn’t know how big the staff’s role to impress guests until I became a passenger. I remember those who are really warm, funny, and awesome in their service as well as the not so good ones. Yet, the names of the staff that made me laugh, comfortable, and went out of their way to make our stay outstanding are the names I commended on the comment form.


It just felt like a spiel to us back when I was working on a cruise line a decade ago but it made a big impact on me when they address me as “Ms. Cabildo” on the boat. I was the only one with a different surname and I was going along with that because I’m with the group, but when they started addressing us with our surnames, I was really surprised and felt special.

Amazing Amenities

After being received by the lovely staff, the awesome amenities from the entrance to our suites wowed me. We went around and explore what was there on the boat, our room was really spacious for a cabin, the balcony was a good treat to have, a nice couch, a dining table, with welcome chocolate and champagne, rose petals on the bed, wide selections of movies, music, and live news channels, tub and shower filled with Molten Brown toiletries plus designer bath soaps, and the fact that the mini bar was well stocked of the choices of sodas and alcoholic beverages you have requested ahead that were re-stocked everyday.

Here’s a peak in our room:

Everyday I woke up and was feeling like a little kid because of the amazing experience on-board. I once woke up in the middle of the night, put on my robe to warm me as I went out at the balcony to stare at the bright moonlight, it seems so close, reflecting itself on the water while I enjoy the cold breeze of the wind and the sound of the waves the regal Odyssey made. Yes, it’s her, The Odyssey. It was a moment of serenity, all of a sudden I realize how lucky I am being where I am feeling alive and the beauty of Life, I thought to myself. It was just so magical.


The sun I enjoyed at the balcony after a long stroll in Mykonos and Kusadasi was exceptional, not because I was at the balcony but having one adds a dramatic feel about it. There is something about the Mediterranean sun that I love than the Asian sun and I figured it was the humidity. The warm kiss of the sun on the skin with a cool breeze was refreshing.



Reminiscing how quiet and relaxing it was here at the Observation Bar while listening to the pianist playing every night as couples watch sunset and served with appetizers and beverages was great too, you’d understand why it gets busy from 6pm onwards. I didn’t hang out here a lot since most of the people hanging were not of our age range, but it was a great place to socialize too.



All these sassy heated pools, whirlpools, and jacuzzi are strategically laid out around the boat. You may find one in quiet areas or at the Patio area where its open to the food and beverages which you can enjoy while you’re chilling out in the pool or sunbathing.


There were a lot of different restaurants around, yet “The Restaurant” was the fancy one. I say fancy because there was a dress code to enter and Fine Dining service is what they offered while “The Colonade” was a more of a Casual Dining but still have a mouth watering buffet that makes your head spin on what to eat first or what to have!

If you think pampering and the amazing amenities were good enough, maybe they can win you over through your eyes and stomach. Not just that the food tastes great, they are well executed, cooked, and plated. Read on.

Food Fit for Kings and Queens

Then you find yourself hungry and you were given a lot of choices where to eat, you try and check out who’s got the best to offer and you realize that each menu is making it harder and harder to decide where to eat. You realize that even if you eat non-stop during your stay on the boat, even taking advantage of the room service, you will not be able to try EVERYTHING!

Wow! That’s really like food fit for the royals and indeed the food and the staff made us feel like special if royalty is too much for a title. Everyday, it gets better and better. You can either enjoy your food under the sun at the Patio Grill where casual and tropical menu were served while you can have unlimited drinks at the same time from Patio Bar or Sky Bar.

What about at The Colonnade? I enjoyed the buffet breakfast they offer from sauteed mushrooms, rice, hash browns, hams, bacon, German sausages, if that’s not enough you can move on at the carving station where they carve you roast beef or juicy roasted suckling pig with your choice of gravy and sauces, yummy. Grilled vegetables, sauteed, stir fry, name it. At the salad bar, there isn’t any salad ingredients you can think of that was not at the buffet, try different kinds of cheese and bread all you want. Cold cuts? They have Italian favorites, make an antipasto platter if you wish. Yet, health conscious aren’t left with nothing, as fresh fruits, grains (oats, cereals, mueslis), and smoothies are something you can’t ignore even if you’re not health conscious. But of course, they can’t forget desserts! Cheese cakes, chocolate cakes, chocolates, ice cream, yoghurt, or ask almost anything and you will receive (just don’t be ridiculous).

While The Restaurant always a surprise with amazing menu options day after day. As their supreme service. Sounds like it’s unreal, yeah? I thought so too, but they are real and the only way you can agree with me is to try it yourself too. When you do, I wouldn’t sound unreal to you anymore. Watching the video reminds me how I experienced exactly what they have shown in it, escorted by the staff to your seat, amazing cuisine, it’s the best dining experience I’ve ever had.

Overall, it has been an unforgettable experience. It was crazy for me because I was cruising on a different point of view than 10 years ago as a crew (only in a different cruise line) and then a guest.

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