Oh Life! It’s amazing where it takes you, you just have no idea. One time I was just a dreamer in the Philippines doing what everybody else was doing then living in Italy, then backpacking Southeast Asia, next thing I know I’m settling in US. How cool is that? But all travelers know it isn’t just beautiful photos of beaches and gorgeous destinations kind of lifestyle, it’s not all shiny and glamorous.





Front row on a Diamond Backs Game! Yay!

Anyway, I’m a newbie in Arizona. From Thailand to Connecticut, getting married in Florida and now settling in with a new life, new country, new state, new climate. I used to love European winters and the only winter I’ve experienced before Connecticut and boy, it was wayyyyy FREEZING than what I used to love! My excitement turns to a reality check. Nah uh, not liking the winter in US east coast so much.


This is what I escaped from. East-coast winter! Moving to Arizona was an extreme change from extremely cold weather to exceptionally hot and dry weather! Hundred Eleven degrees Fahrenheit as a welcome, hottest time of the year. Yet, comparing it to a real freezing weather, at least people can do stuff here in this temperature.





Would love to trek when weather gets cooler!

I haven’t explored much of the area but I have a lifetime to do it. So far, I’ve been walking around in town although it gets too roasty mctoasty but I can show you a little bit of the beauty of my new town I’ve seen so far. I hope you’d find your way to visit out our town called, Old Town Scottsdale. The not so wild, wild west and I’m lovin’ it!



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