Eyes are the windows to our soul as they say…  True to the words, your eyes tells a lot about you as a person.  From its colors, shapes, and sizes these are all combined to make our uniqueness among other people.

That is why women out there do a lot of things to emphasize their eyes, contour it to the best possible way they can to make them look good.  The common tools women use is make up, there are eye shadows, eyeliners, concealers, and mascaras that we often use but most of us women doesn’t know is that mascaras do all the chic trick.

Okay, some of you will tell me it is not easy to use because the mascara you have is not what’s the best mascara to be used.  Maybe you are using too cake-y mascara, or too light, expensive, or maybe you are not using the right color for you.  There are different types of mascaras out there such as…

Dark Mascara- A really dark mascara that are often cake-y if you don’t get the right one.  Although, dark mascaras are great to make a smokey eyes effect that they use in Hollywood and on the runways.

Water Proof Mascara- This mascara are best to avoid cake-y effect.  Best mascara to use for those who are always on the go and no need to retouch.  It doesn’t melt after a sweaty day or even after crying or so…  Even though some will still rundown after a few hours depending on the ingredients and credibility of the manufacturer.

Colored Mascara- Type of mascara that was popularized in the 80’s.  It is quite tricky to use, as it requires color combination just like how fashion works to look good. TIP: Match the color to the color of your pupil or hair color.

Light Mascara- This mascara is always water based mascara which doesn’t coagulates when applied on your eyelashes.

Invisible Mascara/ Colorless- This is the best mascara to use by first time mascara users as they are water based as well.  They enhance the eyelashes from its natural color and makes a natural effect of having thick eyelashes.  This is what I used to use in high school… 🙂

Organic Mascara- Is made from organic natural ingredients that are not harmful to you and your health.  Often made from the ingredients that we always have in our kitchen that if we are in a budget or want to save money we can make your own homemade mascaras.  There are tons of them available in the market for a cheaper price if you don’t want any hassle to make it on your own.

These are all the types of mascaras that are available out in the market for you to choose what is the best mascara to use?  Choose the most convenient and appropriate for your lifestyle and image.  There will always be an indicator in finding the right mascara for you.

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One thought on “What is The Best Mascara to Use?

  1. I’m also trying this mascara out and am loving it already even though I’m only 10 days into using it! My lashes look longer and feel healthier! Am excited to see the results if I keep on using it! ^_^

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