Searching what to write about for today, I came across Hair Aerobics.  I just don’t know what is it, so I researched more about it.  Although I haven’t found the real hard answer yet.  But I came across possible answer for what is hair aerobics.

What is Hair Aerobics?

In my theory, Hair aerobics doesn’t literally means that your hair does its own exercises.  Here are my few theories about what hair aerobics is?

  • Hair Aerobics is the exercises you do for your hair and scalp to maintain it healthy.
  • It is mostly how you care on your hair, like hair massages when washing it, using mild products.
  • Basically, how you treat your hair properly to avoid hair damages, and bad hair days.

There are my few theories on what hair aerobics is, I will keep you updated when I get the hard definition for it! Ciao!

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3 thoughts on “What is Hair Aerobics?

  1. Nice site! I watched your fashion video.Thx for the Fall Tips! Also like the blogcatalog, but i did not show up on it for some reason? Anyways, the term is about ethnic hair products which help with hairloss like.

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