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Do you really know what a backpacker is?  Most of the time I receive emails from travelers that consider themselves backpacker for the wrong idea.  People think that backpacking is just simply traveling with a backpack, although it is true, there is also a bigger definition for the word.

What is Backpacker?

Backpacker is a traveler that travels without a definite place to go to or a definite time frame that most of the time carry backpacks.  However, there is another variation of backpackers now whom they call, Flashpackers.  Flashpackers are backpackers that stays only at a short period of time, they just see and go.

Backpackers make their way to go places to places for a long period of time, wherever they feel like going or whenever they feel like leaving.  They find different ways to stay traveling for as long as they want by going on a real budget way of living, looking for a part time jobs in places they go to to top up their travel budget.  Some stay in one place when they get a job to save up a little and start traveling again when their savings are good enough to travel again.


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2 thoughts on “What is a Backpacker?

  1. Oh no, I didn’t know there were different genres of backpacker I had to conform to.

    Right now, I guess you could call me a slackpacker – hanging around and not really knowing what I’m doing…

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