Bangkok Post Article

Yesterday, the interview about Filipino Teachers in Thailand was printed on the Education Section of one of the most prominent newspaper in Thailand, the ‘Bangkok Post‘. I learned a lot about that interview.  I have appeared on TV, been interviewed by other newspaper reporters in the Philippines, been featured in different blogs and websites in fashion and travel niche.  However, I should say that this is where I learned something worth writing in my blog to publish my opinion how it went from the beginning to end to after effect of the interview. I’m even surprised of my reaction, I think I can finally say I’m growing up, maybe not physically growing taller that I’m wishing for but I’m progressing.

This interview was a total eye opener, my previous media exposures were written as it is (positive voice) and this one is different. On this interview, it was not shown in a total positive light at all, but that is the point.  You can be totally positive and be seen totally different depending on how the media will manipulate it.

The full interview was not published, it was bits and pieces of here and there.  It is a story that the reporter was trying to tell using the edited words of the interviewee no matter what angle she wants to put it, which therefore directs audience’s reaction to the interviewee. It was quite a surprise to me how she put the pieces where my edited words is being taken in a wrong context but to the point of the topic, it’s not.

Now, as the article gets published and people reading it, the reaction from the audience isn’t surprising.  I thought, “I can’t blame them, I myself have a reaction reading it” and quickly change my perspective in an objective reasoning. What is crazy about it is people reacts to it like that is how I told the story simply because that is how it’s written. The interviewee gets attacked than the writer who have the full control of the article.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Thailand and respect people of any color, race, and opinion. I’m just pointing out how I am trying to be responsible enough to write more articles in a positive light and protecting those who have an honest opinion about things. Then again, they need audience reaction, just like the link baiting strategy online to get more views. I get it.

Not all we see, read, or hear are 100% true.  If that is the case, reacting to it may not be smart because you maybe reacting to a part of something you don’t understand due to the full story you didn’t really see, read, or hear. That is why education is important, it would teach us to have an open mind, use logic, and decide for our own perspective and not what society or even media dictates us to believe.

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