What Every Woman Wants? That’s pretty common for a man to think whether he’s got a woman at present or wanting to have one. Every woman is unique, and have different wants and needs… I would talk about What Every Woman Wants in life, these are just the most common ones.

What Every Woman Wants

  • What Every Woman Wants #1 – What Every Woman Wants in a Relationship? Women are generally emotional, because we produce more Oxytocin hormone that stimulates emotional responses. Women often wants to be affectionate and expects reciprocate response from their partner.
  • What Every Woman Wants #2 – Attention. Most women loves attention. Women likes people who likes them. We want to be accepted as it is also related with our nature of being emotional.
  • What Every Woman Wants #3 – To be Pampered. Women by nature are caring, like how our mothers nurture and care for us, we want to be pampered back. Either from our partner or children, little appreciation and thoughtfulness will make us happy.
  • What Every Woman Wants #4 – Money. Everyone wants money anyway, not just women. I think money makes life easier for everyone, although money can’t get you real happiness. Temporary happiness can be, but not the happiness within.
  • What Every Woman Wants #5 – Everything. Women wants almost everything a person could ask for, well again, everyone does. We want Money, Happiness, Good Life, and Love. Little that we know we can get all these, if we want to. Only, there’s no easy way to find out how.

Oh well, these are just the most common things I observed that Most Women Wants, most likely not just for Women but for Men too. Hypocritical people who denies the fact that they don’t or didn’t want the same things ever.

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